"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I have been keeping an eye on the Zimbabwe vs Kenya matches, because Zim next goes to Bangladesh. I am seriously worried because of a certain person, who is strangely named after a place in my country of residence. Now Hamilton, is considered one of the most life-less cities of Canada. But there is nothing life-less about Hamilton Masakadza. His scores for the five ODIs against Kenya were 156,66,44,23 and 178*.

Is it just Kenya, or is this guy really Zimbabwe's messiah? If he is and has arrived at the right time to take revenge on my BD boys for the previous series loss...then we are FUCKED!

Last I checked, both Shakib and Mortaza were recovering from injury. Although they might play, they are possibly not going to be fully fit. Which means a lot will be riding on Ashraful and we all know how wonderful Raful can be under pressure. In other words, we are FUCKED!

I am going to put my satanic cap on and do something about this. Pronto.


Krish said...

This is kind of like that old saw about the boss shouting at the employee who at the dog who shouts at the cat who eats the mouse.

Zimbabwe will lose dearly to Bangladesh who will then lose miserably to Sri Lanka who will then roll over to Australia.

That is the way the world works!

Purna said...

I know Zim will lose to Bangladesh, but I can still hope for some good competition can't I?
And where does India fall in this way of the world?

Krish said...

India is like the Vice-President who gets to yell at the employees, but is never the real boss (Australia)

Purna said...

So in other words, they are not going to own the boss in the upcoming series?

Krish said...

The boss may be on vacation this time. But if he is working during that time, the VP will not own the boss.

To stretch an already strained analogy!