"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Look at what psychology can do!

Inside Ricky's head before, during and after the second ODI:

-MITCHELL JOHNSON INJURED...what it's just a twisted ankle? Shut his face up and put him on the field!
-Andrew McDonald is the other choice
-Briefly contemplating suicide
-TIM PAINE INJURED (Australia now has to go for their 10th best wicketkeeper who is possibly 5...or has just arrived in this world)
-Panic...panic...nowhere to run...chew gum...check on storage of chewed gum after match...must pick out the one that helped win the Ashes in 06/07 and chew again for good luck
-More interviews...India outplayed us...say it but don't believe it...it was all psychological
-7 ODI's is the best shit they ever came up with. Now we have 5 more to bounce back. Long live seven, seven is the new five.
- Why isn't Watson injured yet?
-Must go on Facebook and lap up all the love from my fans.
-Clarkey that bastard! Picked up an injury at the right time.
-Wait...is that the answer?
-Should I injure myself so someone else can take the heat?
-Oh Merv, wait till you read the next headline!

Note to the people of India, please keep a look out for Ricky Ponting trying to bend his legs in ways his legs don't bend.


Aditya said...

Very well put esp the facebook part.

You can add Bracken and Haddin to the list as well to make it comprehensive :)

It would be really interesting if Ricky is injured and the captain will be Mike Hussey! Given his previous record as captain it should be a treat for Indian fans!

Gabrielle said...

Great post Purna! I'm a saffer reading your blog all the way from Italy and I love it, keep up the awesome work!

Purna said...

Adi, I'm pretty sure they'll fly in Kato instead of Hussey. Or White will take over and actually win...then Ricky will really quit as captain.

Gabrielle, thanks! Much appreciated.