"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, October 5, 2009

No no no

The following pictures have blinded me. White jackets and white shoes are never to be paired together with yellow outfits complete with yellow caps unless you are to star in some musical about Elton's John's life.

Before I went completely blind I noticed that Callum Ferguson made it to the stage with his injured knee up in the air. That and the fact that this jacket also seems to be one size fits all. Talk about pimping.

I guess here's where I congratulate all Australians for painting a big 'Fuck You!' sign on our faces.


Tifosi Guy said...

For a South African supporter, you spend an awful lot of time on the Aus - trying to bag them for everything. Why do I get the feeling, you wish you were an Aus supporter, rather than being the supporters for the chokers X1 !!

Till the next Aus series , oh shoot it's in 3 weeks and against India in India. Lot's of fun then !

Anonymous said...

Tifosi, she likes to bag the Aussies and support whoever they are playing :-)

It'll usually get a rise out of me, but in this case I completely agree on how stupid they all look.

"See" you all in India, for 7 more pointless and tiresome ODIs.

Purna said...

Hi TG, I missed your hate. No I don't secretly wish I was an Aus supporter. In case you have failed to notice, which you clearly have, I was covering the Champions Trophy. Did you want me to make up my own finals and pretend that SA were the champions?
Feelings are not valid arguments :).

Sid, LOL. Hell no! I started blogging when the Saffers were on break. But they'll be back in November against the Poms and we will show you Aussies how it's done ;). Make sure you take notes!
7 MORE ODI'S? What is the matter with CA!

Tifosi Guy said...

You missed my hate !! maybe you meant disdain and yes I do have disdain for anything to do with South Africa and cricket.

Didn't see it before/can't see it now/and possibly wouldn't see it in the future as well - but what's with the hype with them anyway ?

btw you really HAD to post your comment twice ? Seems like someone is trying real hard to avoid accepting the truth. Go on admit it, after close to two decades of nothing but chokes, you've had it with the South Africans :)

The grass is looking real bright and yellow on the other side ain't it !!!!!!

Purna said...

Disdain? Don't sugar coat it. It takes the fun out of things.

See I could draw on history to explain to you what the hype about them is but instead I'll wait till the Pommies come to our land to teach you Aussie fans, what the hype about them is :).
Alternatively, you could ask your beloved Captain Punter this question. I don't know why Ricky keeps on giving saying it's always satisfying to play against the Saffers. Hmm, what could Ricky mean?
I love how you nitpick on clearly what was a technical mistake to get your point across. Unfortunately for you, I don't do the same :).

Tifosi Guy said...

Sugarcoat ! Maybe we both don't use the same language - English or we interpret it differently !

The reason why Punter loves to play the S Affers is simple - more often than not , he knows when push comes to shove - it wouldn't be the S Affers doing it. All hot air, and no substance - that's the S Affers for you. Yeah yeah I know S Af did beat Aus last year - s**t happens once in a while.

Punter did get his swift retribution back in S Affer land. Btw you do know it was against S Af that Punter did one of the most amazing feats - two hundreds in his 100'th test :) It's all too easy to see why Punter loves playing South Africa.

Purna said...

HAHA. All hot air and no substance? I guess that's why the Saffers held their position as number two in the world for decades and finally toppled none other than Australia themselves to take the spot.
'When push come to shove SA won't be doing it'. Not what he said in the 438 game my friend :).

See the thing is, I as a Saffer supporter have mutual respect for the Aussies. Even when they look like the spineless team that they have been in the recent past. And every other Aussie that I have met in this blog has the same for the Saffers. You have it too, but you just won't admit it. This is the part where I know that you are not really Australian...because Australians admire those that can challenge them. Which just happens to be South Africa.So don't disgrace their supporters by ignoring the respect they have for competitive cricket.

Tifosi Guy said...

LOL. You are happy that S Af remained #2 for more than a decade ! Talk about settling for less :) The thing with South Africa is this - they just don't entertain ! With that comes the query - why all this hype about them !

They are like robots - as a team you KNOW EXACTLY what they will do and when. Where is the flair and entertainment value with them !! It's better to watch paint dry than see these guys play !

Btw,if there is ONE team that went toe to toe with the all dominating Aus it was India !! and NOT South Africa. Imagine being whitewashed in your own turf ! Aus did that to S Af. Never happened with India. So much for that.

Tifosi Guy said...

And I think I had made this clear - I'm an Indian who has been an Aussie supporter for the best part of two decades. So why you still think I'm Australian is beyond me !

Purna said...

Oh, you are a T20 fan. And here I was thinking you liked to watch cricket because of cricket itself. Clearly, you like the entertainment more than the skill and mental battles. I get it now.

I wasn't settling for less, but I recognize that keeping the number 2 position in the world is extremely difficult as well. Anyway we are not number 2 anymore and you are number 4. So why are we having this argument?

INDIA? Of course everyone knows what a challenge India can be outside of India right?

I know you are not Australian. Hence the comment made about how you are not an Australian. Quite a tricky one wasn't it?

Tifosi Guy said...

Hmm if you want entertainment, is it only T20 ? Didn't know that. Tks for that piece of information.

Here I am sitting thinking - scoring at 4 rpo in tests, always going for a win no matter what - is entertainment. The whole world knows for South Africa it's always a no risk policy. Make sure you can't lose before you try to win. Some entertainment that is !!

As to India being poor travellers - yeah it's true, but what's your point here ??? Ask any member of the Aus team - who has been their toughest opponent and you wouldn't get South Africa as the answer. Say why did Steve Waugh call India and NOT South Africa ' The Final Frontier' ??

Save for last year's series in Aus - how competent have South Africa been against Aus ? Either in S Af or in Aus ? It's such a lopsided scorecard, it's not worth bringing it up ! Neither does any Aus for that matter !

As to me responding to your comment on the Australina bit - well guess what you just needed a refresher course and I gave it you for free ! It wasn't tricky on your part, rather it was so lame - I had to take pity on you and give you the info.

Purna said...

TG, the whole world also knows that if you are looking for strict entertainment in cricket you watch T20. It's what they are designed for. Judging from your criticism of the Saffers you and I watch cricket for very different reasons. So this argument will go nowhere.
Speaking of entertaining cricket, how much did you whoop with joy during those 28 dot balls in the Champions Trophy finals?

Regarding your pity comment, I find it brilliant how you blabber on and eventually disgrace yourself. Pretty condescending hey? In which case you seem to not admit that SA is a great team because it hurts your ego. I've known enough ego maniacs in my life to know nothing I say will get through to you because you are in this argument to prove to the world that you are right. It has nothing to do with Australia or cricket.

Tifosi Guy said...

The only point I was trying to make is that in my opinion I don't think South Africa are worth the hype. You have a strong disagreement with that and hence this to and fro arguments. Suit yourself on what you think of the S Affers and I'll stick on to what I think of them.

As to other comments - If that's the level you want to operate at - again suit yourself. I'm NOT going to respond further or even visit this blog and comment on it again.

Cheers and good luck with whatever you do.

Purna said...

Well we were having a fun discussion and you had to ruin it with your pity chats didn't you? I don't take kindly to condescending comments.

Thanks. Good luck to you too!