"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Friday, October 30, 2009

Attention Mike Procter

This is exclusively from the English camp through an interview with Skysports (just in case someone thought I am making this up).

: The first Pro20 international is still a fortnight away but we now know the make-up of both squads. Have the South African selectors got it right?

Follicularly challenged Nasser:
I was a bit surprised by Herschelle Gibbs' omission, I have to say. I think the Herschelle Gibbs' of this world come around once a decade. Yes, he will frustrate, he will get out cheaply - but that's the nature of the person and the role that he plays. But in the same way that Mickey Arthur has been saying he's relieved not to see Harmison in England's one-day side, I think Andy Flower can quite happily say England are happy not to have Herschelle Gibbs on the opposition. South Africa will miss his fielding and his energy as well as his batting - as will the fans. As someone who is going out there to cover the tour it's disappointing. Yes he'll miss out in a few games but you know that in one of them he'll set the world alight. South Africa must have some mighty fine cricketers if they are leaving Herschelle Gibbs out!

So apparently the English get it and the Saffers don't. I don't understand why he was dropped. He played in only one ODI since their return from the break that lasted all of eternity. Speaking of which, who the fuck came up with this idea? The Proteas deserved the break, but FOUR FUCKING MONTHS? Sounds like something Graeme Smith thought out. Interestingly, he also met his girlfriend during this break. If that is not proof, I don't know what is.

If Herschelle has been dropped based on his performance in the Champions League, Mike Proctor is a giant ass! SERIOUSLY? You lost patience with him based on a domestic T20 tournament, where he ended up scoring decently in the big match. Does Procter actually have a brain or is it a peanut that's residing in his skull?

I am desperate to watch Herschelle play. I will kill myself if the Poms win the ODI's because no one was able to replace Gibbs at the top. On second thought, before I resort to killing I should seek out Michael Hussey and ask him for the potion that he gave his selectors, which made them keep him in the team. If Mussey can't get dropped even after reaching new levels of shit batting, because he is Mr. Cricket, somebody please explain to me the justification behind dropping Hersch.

I'm so tired of hating. But what to do? Fools like Procter continue to make stupid decisions that aggravate me. That and I am a born hater. According to some.


Anonymous said...

Now listen here, young lady - don't you drag my blessed Mussey into this. It's true that he has reached an all time batting low and has to borrow Tendulkar's zimmer frame to get out into the middle these days, but ... no, sorry, forgot where I was going with that.

Carry on.

Poshin_david said...

Mussey? That's new. But well done mate; great article with LOTS of emotions....

Purna said...

Sid, you were going to say and somebody still had to pull him out of the hole.

Chris, it's Sid's invention. I am emotional when it comes to Hersch. If only my emotions could get him selected for the country again!

Anonymous said...

I am also quite a fan of Herschelle, despite how unattractive he is. He must be pretty tough to have survived his school years looking like that.


Purna said...

He beat everyone who made fun of his looks with his bat. Then he scored runs and walked off with the ladies.