"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Thursday, October 1, 2009

World Test Team of the Year

The glitzy cricket Oscars took place last night. I don't care much about the top awards, because I am still sulking about the Saffers being excluded. But at least they picked Witchy Mitchy over Strauss. That was sweet. No jokes about Johnson performing black magic on the jury members. If it was not going to be a Saffer, I am glad it's Mitchell Johnson. He plays some good competitive cricket, which I like. Not to mention Biffy's broken hand. I would have made some jokes about the Ashes but it was so long ago. Who remembers it anymore?

What I am celebrating is the inclusion of Shakib in the World Test Team. He was chosen as the 'spin option'. That's right. Not Muttiah, not Mendis, not even Dan ...but Shakib! It is a big 'yay' moment for Bangladesh. So I am yaying. YAY!

Shakib has been the best thing to happen to Bangladesh cricket in a long time. Apart from his cricketing skills, he is genuinely calm and strong mentally and can produce results. I just hope he doesn't let it get to him like Ashraful and can continue being fit! The team has a habit of over-using their best and fucking up their bodies in the process.

The only problem is, Dhoni is the captain of this team and Harbajan is the 12th man. Which essentially means, if this team were to ever play a game, Shakib would be replaced by Harbajan. It doesn't matter to Dhoni if he is the official drink career. If he's around, he'll play. It's Dhoni's mantra. And the reason behind India's "success" in recent times!


straight point said...

happy shakibbing!!

(the term invented at bored)

The Cricket Corollary said...

Finally some justice ;)

Shakib deserves it. Congrats Purna.

Anonymous said...

Dont quite agree with yu on Dhoni. but yes Shak is one good element for BD...

if there are 2-3 more like him then no wonder deshis would surprise us even more!!

Aditya said...

Finally some Justice for Shakib! :)

happy that he is the spinning option ! Anyhow spot on with the Dhoni - Bhajji Fascination..

bhajji rarely performs outside the subcontinent..

Ojha or Mishra are beter options they spin it more and give it a lot more air!

Purna why are you so hard on Strauss after all he is a saffer in some way or the other! ;)

Saw the awards show today on TV whats with MSD not showing up? after all he had 3 things to collect!

Purna said...

SP, thanks! That's a great term!

Bon, thanks! At least AB made it eh? And Dale. I don't know why, but he is there!

Chandler(Sameer?), you don't think Dhoni will pick Harbajan? As Adi said, he seems to have some sort of a 'Bhajji fascination'.
We are working on those 2-3 ;).

Adi, he left when he was 6 therefore he is an outcast :P.
MS left for India already, eh? Had to go home to think of some new excuses. Things can't be beyond their control all the time!

Aditya said...

MSD misses these awards. I think he gave them a miss last year as well and he missed out on the Rajiv Gnadhi khel ratna award ceremony (India's Highest sport related award) and the media were going hammer and tongs at him!
in his own words only team performance matters not rankings and wards they take care of themselves! :P