"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe

WOOHOO! My boys are finally playing. It's just against Zimbabwe, but my lovelies have been out of action for so long! I just hope my pathetic cricket channel broadcasts this series.

A lot of you don't know my team that well. But I am telling you they are worth knowing. Their growth as a team have been pathetically slow, but these boys are still the bomb. I say that because of the following reasons:

1) The oldest person in this squad is a 27 year old left-arm spinner called Abdur Razzak. The most experienced player is Mohammad Ashraful, who is 25 years old. Imagine, being in this squad and representing a country whose number one passion is the sport that you play. Imagine, having to cope with this pressure at this age and delivering. Because they will deliver. As dangerous as Zimbabwe's batting line up is looking at the moment (they rocked the warm up matches), my boys will be on top.

2) Our captain, is actually the vice-captain and filling in for the injured Mashrafe Mortaza (who seriously, needs to recover FAST!). Shakib is 22. There is one other 22 year old captain I know who was a moron at that age and never got any respect. He goes by the name of Graeme Smith. Shakib is humble, modest and still a good leader. Something Biff needs to learn.

3) We came very close to our first ever Test victory in our third year as a test team. We lost to Pakistan by only 1 wicket. Those were the days when Pakistan actually played test cricket and was good at it.

4) In our first ever test match, we made a first innings total of over 400 against India.

5) We have one day wins against the first XI of Australia, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. Look at that, four out of those five teams make the top half of the current ICC rankings! The win against Australia shut up all those people who wanted our test status revoked (Richie Benaud is an ass!) and the win against India was clinical in their first round exit from WC07. These two are my favourite. There are some lovely videos of all our wins on Youtube. I will be sharing some of them with you soon.

6) I know people who followed the team around during the 2007 World Cup and met them. That year, Bangladesh had one of its worse flood ever. To raise money for the flood victims my acquaintances organized an event, where they came up with the idea of auctioning off genuine Bangladeshi jerseys. When Shakib was contacted, he promptly sent over the jersey he wore at the match against India, which Bangladesh had won and where Shakib was one of the top scorers.

That last one is a true story. And its not meant to raise sympathy votes for a team that clearly could achieve so much more than they do, for whatever reasons. It's just one of my favourite stories regarding my BD boys. I am so happy to be able to see them play again!


Aditya said...

The fact that there a whole lot of coverage of cricket these days make for these calls to revoke the test status and all. Look at the records of India and New Zealand at the start when they were awarded test status. that should answer some questions.

and to be frank BD should play a whole lot of tour matches against regional teams in a country that will help them develop faster in the test arena. Rarely teams have tour matches these days!!

Purna said...

Other than Sri Lanka and sometimes South Africa, none of the team want to play against them. There should be a policy where at least two of the top teams must play two of the bottom ranked team each year. Rather than playing 7 useless ODIs.

But I should be grateful because Kenya, Zimbabwe and even Pakistan don't get Sri Lanka or South Africa!

Anonymous said...

Do we have Shakib making a MOM performance tomorrow?

Just wave that ridiculously awesome wand of yours.

Purna said...

Hehe. It depends, if the prize is a blackberry storm ;).