"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, October 5, 2009

More AB talent

A new AB skill has emerged. He is now a "Seer", as in he sees the future.

"If I had one Rand left in the world, I would bet on Australia and New Zealand winning their way through to the final."

From AB's website diary on October 2nd, 10:30pm. The Pak vs NZ game took place on October 3rd at 2:30pm, South African time.

He bet his last Rand guys. That's pretty confident. I mean of course the idea of AB having one Rand in his bank account is pretty absurd so you all can say that he made a pretty safe bet! But how did he know?

I'm getting a strange image of AB in a dark room chilling with voices that tell him things. It's his reward for letting Jesus take the driving seat.

So now he is a batsman, fielder, wicket-keeper, golfer, model, house-sitter, brain washer, blogger, cameraman and Seer. No, I did not leave any out. That one is not a skill, it's a god damn brain aneurysm.

Here's the worse part, he is only 25.

I am beginning to see why people get "annoyed" with him. Tonight I'm joining that club because the other option involves a gun and a skull with a bullet hole. I don't know how long I'm staying with the group. Maybe I should just ask AB himself. I'll get back to you guys on this.


The Cricket Corollary said...

Ja, he is "seer", ironically it means ache/ pain in Afrikaans

Poshin_david said...

Is AB religious??

Esra Star said...

Welcome to the club Purn. I knew you'd crack eventually. No one can stand his apparent perfection forever!

Purna said...

Bon, lol. Bless Afrikaans for being so perfect. Pain is so apt! AB can be a massive pain sometimes!

Chris, religious is an understatement. He is extremely religious. Which obviously is a personal choice and I have no problem with it till he refuses to take credit for his game and comes up with some insane divine answer to explain why he does well! It's really quite sickening.

Es, even I knew I would crack eventually. Now that he's performing like shit I have a reason to pick on him.