"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, October 19, 2009

What happened today?

One minute the Daredevils were reduced to 114 with some brilliant bowling and next the Cobras were crashing! Dilshan opened the bowling and picked up two wickets! Dilshan bowls? Since when!

Of course before we answer that question we must solve the mystery of why Dharmasena is an umpire! And no, this is not some biased rant because it was Herschelle who got the decision. IT WAS A WRONG DECISION! You really thought Hersch went first ball to Dilshan? If your answer is yes, you are doing drugs.

So, this Nannes character. He is the shits! I have always liked him. BUT, he disappointed me today. What was the point of putting in a brilliant performance AFTER your team has already crashed out? Where the hell was this before? He ruined the Cobras' record in this tournament for no reason. Spoil sport!

Now the Cobras are playing T&T. My team against the team I have grown to love. Both will face their first tough challenge I reckon. Whoever wins, will possibly also win the finals since the other contender will be either Victoria or NSW. Neither of whom are a threat to these two.

I'll probably go with the Cobras but damn I am getting chills just thinking about the match!

-JP vs KP
-Puttick vs Ganga
-Bravo vs Zondeki

Nice. This should be one hell of a game. Lots of DLF Maximums, thrashing and bashing.

Did I just wish for that? Sneaky Modi is getting to me. I will be back. Must bathe in holy water.


Aditya said...

Hoping it will be a high scoring thriller ...both teams get above 200 and someone wins in a super over :) !

Purna said...

Aditya that super over thing is nerve-wrecking! And so much fun! Who are you going with?

Aditya said...

Well would love if T & T go all the way!

the underdogs at the start of the tourney in any t20 league generally win..have seen it happen in 2 ipl's 2 world cups!

so hoping history will repeat itself.

and the pre tournament favorites always crash out early :) as the case with the IPL teams here

Purna said...

The franchise owners must really be wondering why they spent so much money on their teams!
If the Cobras lose..IF they lose, I'll go with T&T of course.