"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Warning: This post is completely unrelated to cricket. It's just something I had to get off my chest.

Recently, I have been accused of being a 'cheap knock off' of Amy S. from Amy S. Talks Cricket. Please know that this post is in no way an attack on the person. It's just been bothering me because like I have said before, Amy was the reason I started blogging. I have the utmost respect for her and her unique style and she is truly my mentor in the blog world. Copying her style would be the worse move anybody can make, since Amy had a massive fan following.

I must admit,I learned how to blog from her, because I have never blogged in my life. But I distinctively remember how I stumbled upon Amy's blog. I was browsing through funny cricket pictures and Amy's blog had a lot of those. It's how I discovered Amy and I myself was quite shocked at her sense of humour and satirical abilities because they were similar to mine. I wish I could show all of you the things I have written in diaries and school growing up to prove my point, but I can't, so you'll have to take my word for it. I saw myself in Amy's posts and that is why I enjoyed her writing immensely.

After reading the comment, I went to investigate some of Amy's posts and mine. Amy was good at skits and its something that I have tried only recently in my blog. I did it because I personally enjoy them myself and I thought my readers would too. But I must point out here that Amy and I are not the only ones to do satire. I have read a lot of great ones out there, Jrod's being one of the best. Amy used to do it regularly and it was a trademark in her blog. I however have done only four. As for the awkward pictures, Amy's blog was also full of those (Spotto). I know that, since I was a regular reader of Amy's so I have actively tried to stay away from posting such pictures. But since I love them, sometimes I can't help share some gems. Again, I think I have posted only two such pictures. Also, Amy's disdain for AB and Jakes were some of the things that made her famous. I love both these cricketers. Even though I do get annoyed with AB's midas touch at times, I don't blog on it to avoid being called an Amy copycat.

Truth be told, I am not a cricket expert, something you all no doubt have figured out from my stupid articles. I don't know how to write seriously about cricket and my posts are just random thoughts when I am browsing through cricket news or watching games. I acknowledge that to many I don't have an unique style because Amy was here first. But the problem is, this is really how I think. Although I am not a journalist, I have always been a script-writer for plays in school, I dislike cricketers who play for money and corporations that basically ruin everything. And I am obsessed with the Saffas. Have been since I was eleven.

Almost every blogger out there has contributed something to the blog world. I feel I am unable to do so because Amy was a more superior writer than I am and shared a similar sense of humour. So here's where I face my dilemma. Should I change the way I blog? Then I wouldn't enjoy it anymore and I really came to the blog world because it combined my love for cricket and writing. Should I then stop blogging altogether because people will no doubt find me a cheap knock off of Amy S. every time I do a skit or express my love for the Saffers?

At the moment I don't know. I have too much respect for Amy to duplicate her. And I would not have ever blogged had she continued because the similarities would have been even more apparent then. There will be no more posts till I figure this out. If any of you have any suggestions, please feel free to share it with me. I will be grateful for the feedback.



Leela said...


Should I change the way I blog?
No. You must write in a way that comes naturally to you.

Truth be told, I am not a cricket expert, something you all no doubt have figured out from my stupid articles.
Please don't belittle yourself. Your passion for the sport is what counts.

It's easy for people to comment. It takes guts to make yourself vulnerable and put your thoughts out there for people to read.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Pinter wrote a lot like Becket, because he was a fan; Collins wrote a lot like Dickens they were friends and Collins looked up to Dickens; Why can't this be the same with you and Amy?

I can tell you that I had barely started blogging when Amy passed away and so only read one or two of her posts, yet I don't think my blog is disimilar. No one could call me a copy, I had barely read her. I aspire to be like Jrod at cricket with balls because he gives me inspiration, but I wouldn't say I copy him.

It is possible for two people to have similar styles and ideas without one being a copy of the other and I really hope you continue to blog. I would miss you and I am sure I'm not the only one.

Keep doing exactly what you are doing, naysayers be damned!

pRAFs said...

since when did trolls start affecting a blogger?
accusations will keep on coming, people may say silly things, but its a part and parcel of a bloggers life.
Some people just speak out if their asses. That cant be changed.
Why stop doing what you love, because of some idiot's acusations?

You're doing a great.

waiting for your next post :)

pRAFs said...

i meant you're doing a great job.

nazimcricket said...

Those who can, DO.
Those who can't, CRITICISE.

Just do your thing mate!

Anonymous said...

Oh no Purna, you know I write nothing compared to you, in quality and quantity.

Who will go on Pommy-bashing with me without you around?

All that Sid's written above is very true. Taking inspiration is not copying and no way should you change the way you blog.


achettup said...

I think its a disgrace and you should stop and run all over Canada for one year as penance, nothing else, just run (watch out for low flying moose and helicopter attacking Sarah Palins on the west coast), you cheap imitation Amy S. Maybe at the end of it you will find your true purpose to this morose existence on this despicable lonely planet. Perhaps you will attain nirvana and finally understand the true meaning of blogging. Then the differences between your blog and Amy's will be so vast that all who seek to question it will implode at the sheer bumbastic stupidity of it all. But for now, yeah, you're just a cheap imitation Amy S.
P.S: Maybe if you want, I can ask AB to publicize the run?
Achettup - a proud UNIQUE blogger... (un)like all other bloggers!
P.P.S: This is so awesome, I now have something to pick on you about every time you pick on AB, ahahahahahahaha... AB always wins in the end!

straight point said...

if you will be so reactive then in any case you will lose your flair coz then subconsciously you mind will always point it to you whenever you want to say something...

the best way will be to take criticism and praise in your stride and move on...

remember more than you we have the choice to not come to your blog if we don't like it...

Purna said...

Guys, thank you for your comments. I appreciated it. You guys are really amazing and supporting.

I won't be stopping after all. It's simply because I can't. I have realized, that I am addicted to blogging. As I sat here contemplating whether to close this blog, I typed up three posts...and then started itching when I could not post them.

And of course, because of you guys. I also realized I will be really upset if I don't get to chat cricket with you all. So, I'm not going anywhere. Neither am I changing my blog style because I honestly have NO idea how to do this otherwise. I've racked my brains all day and came up with nothing. Not surprising as I am not a great writer :P. But whatever. It can't be helped!

missjane said...

Hey Purna -

Just wanted to echo the positive thoughts here; I think you are developing your own voice and as you grow in confidence your own style (which I think is well and truly there) will become more defined.

I think you have more knowledge than you give yourself credit for, and as Leela said, your passion is what counts and that comes through loud and clear. :)

I'd also just like to say that Watson bowled that over just to bring some tension back into another l-o-n-g ODI series. I like ODI's, but 7?? Seriously hard to care about that many of them in a row.

Mary Jane said...

Purny, please dont pay any attention to all these comments. Its useless.

I've gone through Amy S's cricket blog, and understand that she was an awesome blogger. But I dont think that there's any harm in people blogging the same way as she used to. I'd rather be pleased to see someone adopting the writing of such a wonderful blogger and that too in such a good way as you did!

You're doing a fantastic job in the Blogging world and we love reading your witty posts and always will.

Purna said...

Missjane, thank you so much. Readers like you make my day.
I got that feeling from Watto to. How very thoughtful of him.

MJ, thanks! I must admit that anything to do with Amy gets to me.I can't explain it! But thank you for your words of encouragement :).