"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, October 26, 2009

I want to know

Yesterday, after the match, Brett did something very strange. He took Praveen Kumar's 40 runs producing bat, just grabbed it out of his hands, and blew on it. For a moment I thought he was going to kiss it, but he blew on it. I wonder why.

Why would he kiss Praveen Kumar's bat?

Why would he BLOW on Praveen Kumar's bat?

What did Nehra whisper in Kumar's ear after Lee returned the bat?

Does Lee practice black magic? In which case both actions would have been explained. He was just rubbing some good old fashion bad luck on the bat to prevent him from almost saving India again.

More than that, I want to know whether Brett Lee speaks to the Indian players in Hindi.

How do you say ' I am going to knock your fucking head off' in Hindi? Or does Brett Lee use his lines from his Bollywood love song to communicate with the Indians?

"Haan main tumhaara hoon, tumhaara hi rahunga".

I've been told the above means "Yes I am yours and I will remain yours forever".

If that is how Binga is sledging the Indian players, what do they say in return? Asha Bhosle said 'Oh really' in the song.

I want to know the answers to all these questions.

Where is Harsha when you need him?


Anonymous said...

Haha, I think I missed that completely. Seems pretty strange.

Aditya said...

May be he wants to bat with that given the luck he had with the Bat during the game! (that too after the heroics in CLT20 Final)

At first when he took the bat he was checking whether it was legitimate or not and he knocked it with his hand as well or something similar and then blow on it! May be he wants to have the bat and is cleaning it for the same

and Nehra might have said not to give him the lucky bat which got them close and saved Nehra from facing more than a couple of deliveries !

and if Lee sledges in Hindi he will sure get a handful of Hindi Expletives thrown back at him!(which he most probably would not understand anyway!) .So I am sure he wont use his 'broken' Hindi and tarnish his image in the Indian Market as well!

'I am going to knock your fucking head off' - Do you really want a Hindi translation?

and any more questions? :)

Purna said...

KK, he is a strange one that Lee.

Adi, I think Nehra was asking PK to wash his bat when he gets home!
I do want a translation for that line. I want to use it on Brett.
One more question: How did his single with Asha Bhosle reach number 1 in India?

Aditya said...

"Mai tumhara kambakth sirr uda doonga " is what you are looking for!

and I did not know that his song reached No 1 !!! :O
may be because of the cricket crazy Public and frankly speaking Singles aren't too highly rated in India generally we have albums and mostly movie songs where the best in the Industry works! So don't read too much into it :)