"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Friday, October 23, 2009

A day of bad news

1) T&T lost and yet another Australian team took the trophy home. I get this feeling everybody is feeling really bad for Australia for losing the Ashes hence they are being nice. This is my way of denying the fact that the Aussies seem to have more or less recovered from their bad patch and may start their domination all over again. They are not nearly as fun to watch when they are not sucking. Although, I do want India to lose in the upcoming series so they will have to play well for the next seven games. Dammit!

2) No Moises vs KP. So not only did Kato ruin the final by winning, he did not give people a chance to watch Moises getting assaulted as well. Someone should teach Kato the responsibilities he has towards the people who come to watch the match. No one came to watch your team win Kato. They wanted some violence and you didn't allow it to happen. You will pay for this.

3) HERSCHELLE GIBBS AND MAKHAYA NTINI HAVE BEEN DROPPED FROM THE SOUTH AFRICAN ODI AND T20 SQUAD! This is the most terrible news of all! These are indications that the Saffers might be preparing for a WC11 without these two. They cannot force my Hersch into retirement! Those BASTARDS! If the Poms win this because the Saffers used inexperienced players I am going to feed Mike Procter to the starving lions in my basement. I probably should have done that when he decided to drop Morne. Then this would not have happened! I must admit Makhaya's exclusion was expected though. It's tough being a fast bowler in your 30's. But if Binga can do it Maky, so can you. So change your hairstyle and start giving 'I'm 100% ready' interviews!

I am upset with this day. If there is a tornado outside your window, it's my out of control rage.


Anonymous said...

Purna, if the Poms win because the Saffers used inexperienced players can I feed Swann and Strauss to those lions as well? In fact, can we do it regardless? It'll be so much fun!

P.S. how exactly *did* we lose the Ashes? I'm at a loss to explain it at this point.

Purna said...

Yes you can. The darlings prefer English blood anyway.

You lost because Merv and Hilditch were secretly playing for the English. And Mitchell Johnson's mommy cursed you.