"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where have all the batsmen gone?

Bangladesh lost their match to Zimbabwe. FUCK!

This is not funny. This is not funny AT ALL! Krish promised me that Zimbabwe will lose to Bangladesh because it is the way of the world. The world just pulled a sly one on Krish and made Bangladesh the losers! Sad face, lots of them. Some with tears.

Back to the subject. Where are they? This seems to be the Batsmen Napping in Unity week. India had to rely on their number eight and number nine on Saturday, Bangladesh's runs were made by Mushfiq (number 5 and incidentally another one of my adopted sons) and Dolar Mahmud (number ten!). Even Zimbabwe's winning knocks came from their number six and seven.

While we are on the topic of Zimbabwe, fuck you Chigumbura for taking 3 wickets and scoring 60 runs. And HAHA Coventry.

But seriously, I am going to launch a massive hunt for these lost batsmen. Specially the Bangladeshi ones, before they star in Woeful Act-II.

Although, I have no clue how to wake up a pile of napping men in pads and helmets. Maybe send in a bunch of angry, swinging fast bowlers after them.


Anonymous said...

Australia are fine for batsmen, it's our bowlers who seem to either be injured (Hopes, Lee, Johnson, Bracken) or rubbish (Watson).

pRAFs said...

been the case for some years now, with bangladesh.
having a one or two explosive guys play their natural game is one thing, but the whole line up seems rather reckless.
its like a chinese kung fu film, their batting, with everyone swingng away

Krish said...

It will be pretty funny if Zimbabwe win the series. Bangladesh have made a lot of strides in recent months and they are about to give that away.

Having said that, I still think Bangladesh will win the series. They are a little rusty, thasall!

Purna said...

Sid, Watson was never a bowler.And I would like to borrow some of your batsmen for Bangladesh please.

pRAFs, I thought they had finally learned something you know! They were pretty decent against Zimbabwe a few months ago.

Krish, there's nothing funny about that :P. And you better be right!

Anonymous said...

We need all our batsmen to get around India, I'm afraid!! They're whopping us today.