"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Why is Harsha and some person named Pommy (is it the English cricket team or is my live streaming just really bad?) bothering Bouch on the field? And they won't even stop! Blabbering on like Bouch is meeting them for drinks!

''What's going on with JP and Jakes, Mark?"
"Nice going Maniiii! Oh they are good friends. They will probably feel guilty after the match. CATCH!"

"Bouch I know you are running down the pitch to talk to your skipper, but it's a little early in the match isn't it? It's not over yet. Can you walk us through why Ross dropped the catch?"
"It's hit the wire so we are just seeing what the regulations are".

You would think they'd be discouraged by Boucher's one line answers but no, they go on.

"It's been called a dead ball. Tell us, how does it feel to be a South African and playing for the other side against your former team?"
"Yeah, it's cool"

I did not make up any of this. It happened. Maybe not in this order but it happened and it's possibly the most fucked up idea anyone can come up with. Talking to the players while they are trying to focus on the game. I hope one of these days the player they are talking to drops a catch or something and the team loses the game from a winning position just because he was too busy having a chat with Harsha. Who is not even fun to talk to.

Then all this nonsense can stop.


Anonymous said...

which site do u watch live cricket on being in Americas(North)

achettup said...

This stunt has been pulled off pretty often, I've mostly seen it on Channel Nine, for Aus's T20s and even for some of their domestic, was fun when Gilchrist and Taylor and Healy were all having a go at each other. I vaguely recall having seen bits of it in County T20 broadcasts.

I'm not going to follow the champion's league, but I'm going to assume the Pommy you're talking about is "Pommie Mbangwa", former Zimbabwe fast bowler, who actually isn't too bad, though Harsha is someone who I honestly can't stand.

To be honest Star Cricket has done much worse when they've tried to make their shows funny, the worst being getting their anchors to mimic/mock cricketers while holding a player's mask up in front of their faces.

Purna said...

Chandler, I watch it on a lot of sites...whichever works basically! But I am scared to reveal their names in case Modi's spies are on the lookout and will get rid of them as soon as they find out!
But myp2psports brings a lot of joy in my life.

Ach, I've seen it at Aus T20's too but I thought it was just a one time thing. How can the players even agree to do this?
Oh, Pommie Mbangwa! Of course. Stupid me. Didn't register it. He didn't even get to talk much, what with Harsha's motormouth around.
Star cricket sounds like it needs a new creative head. Or maybe just a brain?

Anonymous said...

Ach, Star cricket is still better than the Ten and neo.

and yes u r right. Saba Karim, Nikhil Chopra and the Channel V guy suck big time.

Purna said...

Saba Karim as in the wicket-keeper Saba Karim??? He does television now?

Aditya said...

These days they even bother the umpires! and darren ganga was busy setting his fields and talking to his bowler when these ppl were bothering him ....and poor old david warner was gasping for breath when he chased the ball 2 times and these ppl were peppering him with questions..

yes saba karim is on television now...all former indian cricketers end up on TV..jadeja,nikhil chopra,sidhu, etc you name it...we have loads of cricket shows in India

Purna said...

I hope they have something constructive to say. Otherwise they are just failures in their real career who are settling for something else.
If I were a cricketer I would have just said I don't want to talk to you right now and rip the earpiece out.

Aditya said...

If any cricketer does that then his 'modi'ness will make sure that he or his team is banned from the next clt20!!

btw sangakkara and symonds were making some extra money as well..i'm sure they'll get more of them into the bandwagon !