"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Somebody shut Mickey up!

Mickey Aurthur has started talking again. In an interview with Cricinfo, Mickey said that 'England may rue the decision to leave Steve Harmison out of the English squad for the South African tour'.

My first reaction was, WHY DO YOU CARE? He's not coming and that's that. Focus your energy on those who are you moron! If this is some way of unnerving the Poms Mickey, didn't you learn ANYTHING from the Champions League? You, Dale and AB all gave those wonderful interviews about how ready you all were and shit. Crashed out in the first freaking round! Next time, please check with your team form before making all these stupid comments. Bird brain!

As if that wasn't bad enough, Mickey just blatantly puts his team's weakness out there:

"Harmison could have done the same thing as Johnson out here." As in bounce the Saffers till they crack and lose the series 2-1, like they did to Australia in February. What the fuck Mickey! Any other pointers you want to give to the opponent team? They probably know it already, but when the information arrives freely from the coach like this, it must be added bonus.

Couple this with the fact that Mickey wants to coach England and you have a situation worse than match-fixing. Actually, I really don't know whether this is worse than match fixing but Mickey has been teaching Graeme to captain like a robot and follow strict strategies regardless of the situation on the field. Or the idea was formed in the half brains of both Graeme and Mickey. Either way, they are fucking idiots and they both piss me off every time they open their mouths.

Why can't cricketers just play and not talk? More importantly, why can't CSA duct tape Mickey and Graeme's mouths till they fucking win the series? This should be part of their contract. Otherwise, I will sue them for making a verbal contract with their fans and promising them a trophy, then failing.

As you can see, I rocked my Law101 course. With flying colours.


Lula said...

He's got the Aussie's disease.... I see microphone in front of face... must open mouth... must talk about the first thing that comes into brain...

And anyway, Harmison can't bowl at international level these days. And he sure as hell can't bat like that Mitchell Johnson.

Mickey's just winding them up.

Purna said...

I just hope Mickey has the players to back him up this time. The Saffers looked atrocious in the Champs Trophy!

Apparently the English have Stuart Broad to bat and bowl. They still think this is the Ashes in England.

Anonymous said...

You know I have heard Mickey doing this a lot in the last couple of years. I can't actually remember exactly when but I'm sure he did it against Australia both times. And a couple of times in the IPL and Champions league too.

Is he really that good a coach he's made out to be or has he just got a decent team under him?

Purna said...

I'm not too sure KK. SA lost miserably to the Aussies at home last year after their brilliant performance in Aus, which they still can't explain! Also, things have been tough for SA since WC T20 loss and he obviously hasn't been able to do shit for them. Although, it might be too early to judge, since they have played in only three games since then.

I guess his true worth will be seen against the Poms.

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