"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Friday, October 16, 2009

Daym son!

It's the only appropriate response to Kieron Pollard, who by the way has an awesome name. Almost as awesome as Kemar. Almost.

Three games, three wins-that's Trinidad's record in this tournament. Everyone thought their winning streak would end in this game, which it nearly did. Speaking of which, did anyone know Phil Hughes could also be effective at T20? I swear he is some sort of a cyborg conceptualized by Merv and co. to save Australian cricket from the clutches of Mr. Bingle and his missus. Of course, he was manufactured at the Banana Republic...hence the inclusion of the American in the team.

Back to Pollard. Kieron is a young man with big dreams. When he is not dreaming about whooping Chris Gayle's ass, he likes to assault boys with nasty names like Moises Henriques. When Moises was born, his parents could not decide which religious character their son would take after- Moses or Isis. So they took a chance and named him Moises. Thereafter, they crowned him the King of Catastrophe. It is little wonder then that he was bought by the Kolkata Knight Riders and a magnificent batting beast from a 'cricket-doomed' country treated his bowling with disdain. In a match where Stuart Clark was trying to prove that Cricket Australia had named the wrong T20 captain, Henriques coiled like a pussy, allowing Trinidad to win from a losing situation. Oh, and his middle name is Constantino...as in a constant sucker. His parents never gave him a chance.

This is the second time the Aussies has been smacked around by a single West Indian in T20. I had mixed feelings about the first game but this time around I am gifting Pollard a license to assault anyone, anytime.

But remember, even after all this, the Cobras will win.


Anonymous said...

It was unbelievable - how can you rack up 170 in a T20 and still lose?? I watched the highlights just now (at work, not working again) and the T&T lads were seriously smacking it about (although they started a tad shaky) - it looked fantastic, must have been a great game to see live!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, Brilliant. Right until the last line.

Purna said...

Sid, I love how you are always at work and never working. That's the way it should be! It WAS amazing to watch.

KK, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I really meant until the last line.

Purna said...

LOL. I am sorry your Delhi didn't make it to the finals. But it looks like T&T will be there for sure.
And I didn't use any powers to jinx Delhi. I promise!

Leela said...

What a strange name. I agree, his parents never gave him a chance.

Aditya said...

What was Katich thinking giving moises another over after the 27 run massacre!

Good thing Pollard settled the issue in 3 balls.

Btw I'm planning to watch the cobras live if they win against Delhi !

Purna said...

Leela, welcome to my blog. It's by far the worst name I have heard...and I actually have a list of bad names. It's a strange obsession I have.

Adi, Katich wanted to prove to Australia that Ricky is not the worse Aussie captain. He is very loyal that Kato.
Don't rub it in. I wish I could see these games live :(.