"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Parnell 610

If somebody asked me, how much are you worth, in true mastercard style I would have said priceless. But really, I am worth a few decimal points short of five hundred dollars. It's why the IPL would never buy me. They can't afford anything that is this cheap.

But that's just the price I put on myself. Other people will probably set a lower one for me. But not for Wayne Parnie Parnell. His base price was set at $100,000. Imagine, you are 20 and people believe your limbs and brain put together to produce a skill, is worth $100,000. And it doesn't end there. You are actually fought over and bought for $610,000. That's actually about 10,000 more than what Jennifer Lopez' butt is insured for. True story.

I have mixed feelings about auctions. The concept of watching people whore you out...and being excited about it. How every strange. But shit 20 and 610K! Those are numbers that make people go FUCK! And then silence. What else will you say to that?

So what now? Parnie is in both the national teams and worth a staggering amount. Girls want to throw themselves at him and men want to hang out with him. Both to spend his money of course but who cares? He has it. He has them in a vault the size of your house. And he is not even some record breaking fast bowler yet.

Maybe Parnie should buy a country. How much is a country worth? An island then? Or every fucking fast bowling legend, so he can learn all the tricks of the trade.

How much do you think he will be worth then?


Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

"So what now? Parnie is in both the national teams and worth a staggering amount."

Remember where you heard it first :D
*goes digging nostalgically in the chest of Parnie banners*

Gaurav Sethi said...

He could be diff between the semis and the finals, 610k is a steal

Aditya said...

So you are happy with making it to the Final :D
I say get some Aussie to lead the team!!

I still think Delhi did not need him when they have Nannes,Vettori,ABD,Dilshan and Warner,all they need is a genuine all rounder!

Imagine: Nannes,Parnell,Nehra and Sangwan all left arm pacers in a team! If that isn't being one dimensional I don't know what is!
and it might be a competition between Sangwan and Parnell to see who leaks more runs ! :P

Purna said...

Hopefully, Delhi won't top the league table now.

Which final did NC make it to?

Aditya said...

My comment was with ref to Delhi, the chokers of the IPL not at NC

Topping the table does not matter Purna as we very well saw last year! :D

I want them to top the table again and go down in the semis again :P

Purna said...

Ooh, is it you,me and Sid vs NC? I like that.

Aditya said...

Add Mahek and others to the list of DD fans!