"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh Bangladesh!

Sixty-five for nothing, they were. In the thirteenth over too. Smashing, hooking, cutting, driving- Tamim and Imrul did it all. Uda was as stunned as we were when we first heard his name.

Then the brain explosions started happening. Shockingly, Shakib was a part of the brain explosion, and Ashraful was not! He is the reason we got to 260 actually, along with Mushfiq's cameo and Mahmudullah's knock. I swear Mushfiq is the tiniest thing to ever hold a bat. Whenever he hits a four, I am always on the edge of my seat because I am sure that he will fly to the boundary with the ball. But he never does, bless his tiny structure.

Right, so 260 wasn't ideal with the start they got, but it was marginally defendable right? Even with Bangladesh.

Wrong. The other team has Dilshan. And with him even 400 is not a defendable total. Add our fast bowlers to that and one over from Ashraful (Shakib, my love...HE CAN'T BOWL) and it's a comfortable victory.

Fucking Dilshan, making my life miserable. Do it against other teams honey, otherwise I may have to injure you.

On second thought, maybe I will injure you...


Leela said...

Please do injure Dilshan Purna; I think Ind plays SL next.

Anonymous said...

I think the dew got the better of you yesterday, But it was a good batting effort though. What happened to Ashraful...?

Leela, your wish has been granted.. :-)

Leela said...


Indeed it has been! Just checked CI.

Cricket Tragic said...

Now now, don't get too happy, y'all! Lahiru Thirimanne is regarded as one of the best future prospects over here and you ppl might be in for a shock! :)

Purna said...

Leela, I did it just for you. And for Bangladesh.

Baiju, Tamim and Imrul giving up their wickets like morons had nothing to do with the dew. Neither did Raful's stupid run out.

CT, we look forward to meeting him. Doesn't mean we aren't going to try and destroy him :).

Aditya said...

Let's hope India defend well and break the dew jinx.

Thanks for injuring Dilshan :)

and if possible make sure he misses IPL with that injury as well :P

Purna said...

Did they still win??!!

Aditya said...

Samaraweera was so happy with the dew! Couldn't stop blabbering about it in the post match presentation! :(

The tri series is a shame i tell you
better flip the coin and agree who wins the match!