"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Saturday, January 16, 2010

T4D3: Somebody propose to Bouchie!

Why won't you people marry Mark? He is cute, he is the best wicket keeper in the world and...HE'S FUCKING SAVED SAFFA ASSES FOR ALL OF ETERNITY!

Hash got a good delivery so can't really blame him for that. Jakes made the worse attempt at a pull shot I've ever seen. And I watched Ricky bat during his 209 the other day. Maybe Jakes thinks that if he pulls as badly as Ricky, he too will be given the Player of the Decade Award. Take note Cricinfo.

JP wants to be dropped from the team. He can't carry his secruity blanket around anymore, because people make fun of him but neither can he leave it behind. So, he wants it dropped. It's the only explanation. He also wants to give Swannyg66 a lot of glory. For this, I have disowned him. No more love for you tiny man!

Let's go back to building the case for Mark. He is not getting any younger okay ladies?  This man, spends the whole day in a crouching position and dives more than anybody else in the team. Then he has to run like a mofo because AB the rabbit wants to hop all over the pitch. The important points for you to take note here are crouch, dive and good cardio. For fuck's sakes marry him!

But also know that all of your applications will be reviewed by AB de Villiers. Daryl Harper may or may not be involved, but AB does tend to get his decisions right so don't fret.

I didn't watch the bowling, needed to sleep. But Wayne got his first test wicket (thanks to SarahCanterbury) and Mascaraman has lost his form again. Just in time for Bangladesh. Also, KP and Colly are still there and it WILL rain in the next two days. So don't get too excited. Till all seven are gone at least.


Anonymous said...

You know if I wasn't already spoken for (by My Lord NMH) I'd consider him - although I still see a Robin Williams resemblance.

Anonymous said...

Mwah, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Morne is de man. He and Steyn are so fine to watch when they are both switched on.

Both Strauss and Swann 'mentioned' reviews in their interviews, Strauss got quite rightly booed for bringing it up in his after match speech.

And they say Aussies moan. Punter is far more charming than that post-match after a loss.

Anonymous said...

if only i was in SA :-( ....i take this prestigeous stage to " inform " everybody that BOUCH IS M.I.N.E. !

take note everbody.
anon bouch en AB

Purna said...

Sid, your Lord is nice. He will share surely. It is Anon Bouch that you have battle with.

Lou, now Strauss knows how Ricky feels eh? If Strauss got booed like that throughout I doubt he would be able to take it.

Anon, your man makes my day. And you have very good taste.

Anonymous said...

thnx purna! i love my bouchieeee =D

some one in SA plz go hug him just "hug" him okay!
he lives in capetown in a new house all alone! :-(

anon bouch en ab

Purna said...

Are you stalking him Anon Bouch? HAHA

Anonymous said...

hahhaa no way am i stalking him! stalking is for others not my type realy !i got tht news of him buying a new house from some frineds on fb !

but i love him like anythig
anon bouch en ab