"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Friday, January 15, 2010

T4D2: Walking is work

Can you imagine Biff taking off his helmet and gloves and putting one leg in front of the other all the way from the pitch to the pavilion? So many hours before lunch? No thanks, he would rather stay at the crease and smash the ball everywhere.

It's cheeky I know. Personally, I am of the opinion that batsmen should always walk if they know they knicked it. Except, Biff unluckily got out to a no-ball during his 180 in the third test. This time, luck was on his side. So it kind of balances out. And wouldn't we all haved grabbed this opportunity had it been us? Yes, we would have. Don't pretend otherwise.

Also, putting the spotlight on Biff only takes away from the REAL problem in this series...the atrocious umpiring. There have been one disastersous calls after another, sometimes favouring Saffers, sometimes going the English way. So really, it's the Umpires that need to be hurled through a wall, with Daryl Harper opening the ceremony. Maybe we should let Julia Sidebottom go first, he is very good with the throwing.

Why has Julia replaced Onions? He certainly doesn't bowl better than him, as mediocre as Onions is. I am pretty sure his defense isn't as good as Onions' either, with all that hair crying to be freed from underneath the helmet. Sometimes, I forget that there men who are more stupid than Mickey and Procter when making selections. These are the little things that bring a lot of joy in my life.

Anyway, Hash is at it again. I am liking the fact that he is quietly answering his critics. Now all they have to do is post about 250 runs tomorrow...QUICKLY. Then take wickets. And you, Rain or whoever you are, take some sleeping pills and have a rest. Your bladder must have shrunk to a peanut by now.

Good new is Ashy P surpassed his previous best of 16 in this series by a whooping 3 runs. Oh, what do we have here? A 45 in the first test? Damn! His career is saved. Lucky bastard!


Reisa said...

What you thought of Colly walking off on Mascara'd before he asked for the review??

Honestly, the England whinage is quite annoying. Get a grip, boys.

Purna said...

I thought Colly is fit because he walks :P.

I can understand their whining. We would have whined too had we been bowling. Plus Daryl Harper has been inept for too long. But if Chris Broad can still remain, why not him eh?

richie_141 said...

A dodgy umpire's decision potentially costing England a series?? Gee, I wonder what that would feel like... *cough Ashes *cough.

Yep, still a tad bitter. Suck it up, you bunch of pansy arsed whingers.

Purna said...

Bahaha. I'm loving the Aussie support.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Bow down mortals, richie = truth.

Reisa said...

Surely they have used up their miracle quota for the series? It should be no grand surprise that things headed south fast, especially since Daryl Harper is involved.

Anonymous said...

@richie I made a similar comment on twitter aimed at Test Match Sofa yesterday and they read it out on the radio and completely took the piss!! They did make a good point in that Harper has the benefit of the review system (with supposed increased volume to make up for the lack of snick-o-meter and hotspot) and Koertzen didn't.

I don't support Harper, I agree that he cocked up. But I also think it's funny that the English are making such a big deal of it when they were remarkably quiet last summer over Koertzen ...

Anonymous said...

I'm loving it. Strauss actually mentioned 'frustration with the review system' in his post-match talk.

richie_141 said...

@sid I'm totally with you! I just find England's behaviour so galling. In the old days, if you questioned an umpire's decision to the degree that they have you'd be fined. Massively fined. I don't see how that's changed with the introduction of the UDRS.

Sure, the decision probably sucked. Without the technology, you can't be sure. Today Pakistan referred a similar decision against Ricky Ponting which was given not out by the on-field umpire. It sounded like a nick live. Hotspot and Snicko both showed there was no edge. Unless the third umpire is absolutely certain he shouldn't overrule the on-field umpire.

But anyway, the way England have carried on is embarrassing, both the English team and the media. I can't believe how much media I've seen suggesting Smith should have walked. WTF? Batsmen bat. Bowlers bowl. Umpires umpire. Simple.