"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The height of diplomacy

An official statement has been made by the men who matter. Much to eveybody's disappointment, there was no fight and no gang-like threat from the senior members of the team. It was a simply a case of different views and Mickiness felt that he could not continue to be a part of the team.

I would have believed that, but then this picture came up.

Sitting next to each other like amiable friends..LAUGHING about a resignation! C'mon! Who else thinks the Buffalo is holding a gun under the table?

Whether it's true or not, let's just take it and move on. Big tour coming up fellows, no time to waste on who did what to who. It happened, there's no changing it. Focus on India please.

Speaking of India, who gave Michael Vaughan the right to tip Kirsten as the next coach? Fucking mind your own business you old fart!


Mahek said...

It's statements like these that made me think you were Indian :P

BTW, I hope there wasn't a pun in that holding a gun under the table line.

Anonymous said...

Michael Vaughan is the captain who first stole the Ashes from us after 17 years of glory, that means in England he is told he can do whatever the hell he wants. He doesn't realise that no one outside of England gives a shit what he thinks and that we all laugh at his man bag.

Purna said...

Mahek, statements like what?
Pun? You mean the swishing Buffalo tail yes? HAHA. I think I have scarred you for life with that Teri Ma ki thing.

Sid, I don't think even people in England give a shit these days.

Mahek said...

Lol, I meant the gun under the table. Sounds like a cheap line from a C-Grade porno. The TMK incident didn't scar me, if anything it brought up your stock in my book :)

Speaking of India, who gave Michael Vaughan the right to tip Kirsten as the next coach? Fucking mind your own business you old fart!

That kind of statements.

Purna said...

I don't understand what C-grade porno is. :P

MV gets on my nerves. He is so random and unnecessarily verbal. Taking a hit at his own team mates to stay in the news. Disgusting!
I would like Kirsten to be honest. Let him come home Mahek :D.

Mahek said...

I'm tempted to take a dig at the 'deshis here but I won't (See what I did there? I took a dig without actually taking one)

For a second I was taken aback by you saying MV gets on your nerves: Some of my friends call me that since they're my initials too :)

I hope Kirsten stays on atleast till the end of the World Cup but I wouldn't grudge him a move back to his country. Hopefully the Indian media won't use this for cheap publicity.

raj said...

14 posts without mentioning Durby? I am considering a boycott of your site :-)

Purna said...

Hehe. I don't think Kirsten will leave before the World Cup. He can't, he is under contract right?

Raj, I love how you counted. There will be plenty of those when the tests start. I don't want people to overdose on it early.

Mahek said...

Contracts can be terminated or bought out if either or both parties want to end the arrangement.