"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, January 25, 2010

Shahadat hurts Dravid

I am a vicious woman, as you all no doubt know by now. So I took a lot of pleasure in learning that an Indian batsman had to retire hurt because he was bludgeoned by a Bangladeshi fast bowler. I jumped up and down and tried to remember the last time a Bangladeshi quickie had acheived this feat. I have come to the conclusion that this is the first time. Unless it happened before I was born.

I eagerly sat down to watch the highlights and almost sweated in ancitipation. Was it a 160mph shocker from someone? Who was it? Where did it hit the batsman? Was their blood?

To my utter dismay, the ball was a miserable 128 and came from the man with strange brains, Shahadat Hossain. Dravid thought it would bounce some more and thus ducked too much. Consequently the ball hit him under his ear.

No blood.
No broken jaws.
Just a tired Dravid wanting to go back to the change room under any pretences. Who knows if the Deshis will even pick up his wicket any time soon? He needs a rest and a nice massage if possible.

I thought Shahadat Hossain had guts when I saw him bowl in the first test. But if you can't even fucking hurt a batsman intentionally, what's the point of having guts? Hang them up you loser! And go take some lessons from Kemar Roach!

I don't understand why my BD boys are so nice. Maybe they are trying really hard to balance me out...


Anonymous said...

Case of fast fingers eh? Dravid is in ICU and will miss not only this Test but also the home series agnst SA! And there are not many Test matches lined up after the SA series for India this season. We might have seen the last of Dravid for this season :-(. As you have mentioned, it was not a bouncer by any means. At best, Dravid was done in by a googly (bouncer that didn bounce :P). Wishing Dravid speedy recovery!


Purna said...

Yawn is that you? Will you reveal the mystery of coinbox here?

Yes, I am sad that it was Dravid and not Yuvraj or MSD. But really, Dravid did it to himself. Anticipating too much.

Megha said...

I'm sending contract killers after that "nice" BD boy of yours...i don't take kindly to people injuring ma man!! x-(

Purna said...

Sorry Megha! He didn't mean it, really! He was just trying to be macho.

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