"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beware Sri Lanka

You are taking on the most successful Bdesh team tomorrow, after all. According to this article on Crapinfo, the BD boys won 14 of their 19 ODI's this year. Mostly against crappy Windies and Zimbabwe teams yes, but the Lankans were full strength.

I am not going to be too excited because with my countrymen it doesn't mean much. They are brain explosion specialists and has yet to carry their success on from series to series. But hey, at least we didn't lost 6-1, crash out of a semi final or lose against a depleted bowling attack.

Let's not upset that record tomorrow children.

(Thanks for sending the article in Adi)


Akila said...

Yeah this tournament will be important for bangladesh.actually they have a better bowling attack than sl this time.but they will be have to be careful about dilshan coz he has a very good conversion rate and superb hand eye co ordination.

Cricket Tragic said...

Purna, I wouldn't be too excited if I were you 'cos we finally don't have a single passenger in the side! No Jayasuriya, no Jayawardene, no Murali!


Aditya said...

The dew is so friggin important in this series!

hope they start the other matches early..but the TV ratings for Indian Audiences will make sure they aren't changed!

Damn the TV ratings!

win the toss = win the match !! :(

you will enjoy this link even more i guess


Purna said...

Akila, you can say that again.

CT, I am never excited.

Adi, hopefully not! I don't think Bangladesh ever wins the toss.
And that link really did cheer me up :).