"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bangladesh bowling

Bangladesh is probably the only international team in cricket right now that can't bowl their fast bowlers a full ten overs. And not just because they lose the game way before the 50 overs are done, but because Shakib and sometimes another spinner bowls 10.

Fine and dandy. The quickies get whacked, Shakib goes to slow shit down. The difference? The other team wins with a minimum 15 balls remaining instead of the average 507.

To be fair, they won the toss only once and elected to bat first like idiots. So we can't really say if the bowling is just that horrible or it's the dew that's deciding the game.

Again, fine and dandy. Doesn't change the fact that we don't have a wicket-taking bowler.

Shakib can't do it all.
The batsmen can't keep on scoring well and then watch their hard work go down the drain.
Then of course there are the days when both Shakib and the batsmen sleep through the whole game.

In all three types of matches, we don't have a single wicket taking bowler. I miss Mortaza so much I wish I could watch him bowl during the death overs.

And my posts on Bangladesh are getting as repetitive as their result.

Also, India is playing Sri Lanka. Again.

I think these two teams are caught in a bizarre cycle formed by the combined efforts of Yuvraj and Kandambi's bellies. Not a very nice place to be in, is it boys?

Get out already. Before you kill us all.


Anon said...

Remember the random Olympic style drug testing that India was so opposed to? Whatever happened to that story?

Since they granted us a $1 billion line of credit, we should be generous and let them feel a little good about themselves in the Test matches.

Purna said...

I have no idea what happened with that.
We are being generous? With an Aussie as our coach? How is that possible?

Anon said...

Anything is possible, just ask Mali! :p

Purna said...

Who is Mali?! Why aren't you at work?? :P