"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mohammad Aamer

Is on his way to becoming a full-fledged Pakistani fast bowler. He burst into the cricket scene at an age when some boys are still trying to grow proper facial hair and sliced through the likes of Michael Huss...err..Ricky Ponting.

People got excited, as they tend to when a new Pakistani fast bowler is on the rise. They are amazing to watch, just like Windies fast bowlers. But somehow Pakistan makes them younger and faster. Aamer's face looks like he should be in a crib, googooing and gagaing. Instead he bowls balls that crack ribs.

But just when people tune in specifically to watch them play, something happens. With the last exciting Pakistani fast bowler it was drugs. With Aamer it's an injury. A groin injury.

*Insert over-used Shoaib joke here*

Next Aamer will hit a team mate, sustain some more injuries, talk shit about the PCB and then sue them. In between, if he has some time for drugs, he will do that too.

Of course I am hoping for none of the above because I quite like Aamer and want him to be up there with Kemar Roach one day. But the groin injury has got me all worried. Because Pakistani fast bowlers also seem to be lacking guidance or common sense. Maybe both, if they are really special.

*Insert another over-used Shoaib joke here*

Good news is, this is will be over soon and in that period of time, we will get to watch mini cyborg Philly bat at least once. I am hoping Twatto goes for a duck, while the little one gets a hundred. Just to rub it in Twatto's face.

If only it would stop raining.


Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

We have completely opposing views here. Aamer is sacrosanct, Whackme is the one to go out for a golden duck and Watson must keep marching.

Reverse Swing said...

I think Aamer is little over used and they are protecting him from a possible injury and hoping this little one will get settle till last test. But as history suggests he could end up like that as PCB is not taking care of these enough. Injuries are more common in fast bowler these days.

Well Hughes went for duck an Watto for some under ten. Enjoying?

Purna said...

Bah! Watto scored more than Philly.

Reverse, I completely forgot about Sami!! Damn it's good to see him bowl like that. How many days will he last I wonder?

The only reason I am enjoying this collapse is because now I can believe that the Saffers haven't suddenly become shit in cricket. And that fast bowlers are alive and well :D.

Anonymous said...

Aamir is sometimes overbowled by the skippers which should be stopped. Its good that he is putting some weight otherwise his body will become too fragile to bear the workload.

Aussies dumped out for 127...!! Wow..that was something. Good to see Sami back and Asif in full flow.

And finally....Ntini dropped for the 3rd test...great