"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, January 25, 2010

AB has a flaw

And it's not his singing! I kid you not!

At the MTN40 semi-finals this year the Titans lost to the Dolphins unexpectedly. AB, who plays for the Titans, made a crucial 50 and then ran himself out.

Where have you seen that before? That's right! Against England. Except AB ran the other batsman out. Twice.

He runs like a maniac is chasing him to chop his hair off and sell it on ebay. It doesn't matter who the other batsman is. AB likes to run, the other man must run as well. Problem is, sometimes the other batsman is Graeme Smith, who runs like a binge-eater about to go regurgitate one of the many the buffalo tails he had for lunch.

Then sometimes the batsman is Faf du Plessis, who inexplicably falls down while trying to turn around for the second run, as was the case in this game. He reached the crease comfortably and then he fell. Just smack on the ground under the weight of his poodle-like name.

AB had his eyes fixated on the ball, like the good fielder he is and calmly jogged down the pitch reminiscent of Super Mario.

"Tootootoo tootootootootoo. Hope GQ is noticing my strutt. My side profile is sexy, specially when I am watching the ball. Tootootoo tootootootootoo. "

Poor Faf was lying flat on the ground. By the time AB saw it, it was too late.

I am very tempted to say that Faf orchestrated this run out to tarnish AB's perfect reputation and the Titans should really sue his parents for not teaching their son how to turn around and stand. But I fear it is a defect in AB's genes and it is in the form of Owhy Shah.

Methinks we need to put AB under some serious radiation, till the run out gene mutants the fuck out of itself and eventually disappears. AB and flaw? They don't even rhyme! Neither does AB's song, but who is listening to that? Not me.

However, we are all watching him run. And it's not at all amusing to watch him run himself or others out at crucial times. It's not in style AB and it will never be. Stop it. Now!


Anonymous said...

darn faf to get him out like tht ..he cud have yelled saying NOOOOOOOOOO .... idiot !
anon bouch en ab

Purna said...

I think the helmet hit his mouth and stapled it shut.

Faf looks like a brunette version of AB no?

Anonymous said...

hahhaha sooo true ! butull have to agree faf is one kind of a hunk who gets his team mates out in the midle of a crucial innings especially his best pal AB .... i was just thinkin on the match day tht faf shud be in the national side bt after tht pathetic run out ..N.O. NONONO !


hey purna any hot news bout my man ( bouch )

anon bouch en ab

Purna said...

I have watched him only a few times to can't really comment on that. We can't have him in the team if he is another Owaish Shah. No, no, no!

No news. He is hiding under allegations that he runs the national team along with his best mates Kallis and Smith. HAHA. People will do anything for a good scandal.

Anonymous said...

haha gud one !!

anon bouch en ab