"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Andy is upset

Andrew Strauss is reportedly upset about South Africa going to the press with the ball tampering allegations, rather than filing an official complaint.

Broady and Jimmy are also upset and actually said that they were lazy, rather than being 'naughty'.

If they were oh so innocent, wouldn't they have just brushed it off? Why would they admit to being lazy on the day that nearly lost them the test? It was hot you say? So why not stop the ball with the side of his feet, rather than stepping on it?

Barbie honey, your boots have spikes. Do you understand what they do? Maybe if I demonstrate by wearing them and step on your balls, you will have some idea.

And Jimmy was just shining the ball. Lovely Jimmy likes his things neat and clean. And picking at something with your nails shines it brighter than the sun.

Of course I wouldn't have paid attention to any of these had Michael Vaughan not said anything. But he did and I never doubt Michael Vaughan. He speaks the ultimate truth. Like, totally.


Cricket Tragic said...

Actually, it was quite stupid for AB & Co to continue whining abt ball tampering even after they hadn't made an official complaint...it's like how old grandmas just keep moaning bout somethin without saying out the problem openly

Purna said...

AB didn't whine, he just said that he was under the impression an official complain has been filed. Graeme and Mickey went to the press, but did you expect anything else from them?

But I don't understand why Barbie is 'astonished' with the accusations. You act stupidly when the game isn't going your way, people will be suspicious. What is so astonishing?

Vim said...

Stu will always be 'astonished'. It's called being disingenuous.

Or maybe he's just dumb.

Purna said...

He is dumb. I am sure of it.