"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ricky's ghost

First, Ricky's ghost convinces Mortaza that he is Nathan Bracken and should never consider himself fit after a knee injury. Even 80% is not good enough.

Second, Ricky's ghost climbs into bed with Shakib.

Third, Ricky's ghost stays with Shakib till the toss, wins the toss (that part has more to do with Shakib's ghost than Ricky's) and forces Shakib to say 'We will bat first. Dew? What dew? Our own dew won't go against us. We will show 'em how it's done'.

Fourth, Ricky's ghost bats for Shakib and goes out to an unexpected direct hit from afar during a comfortable couple.

Fifth, Ricky forces Shakib to turn to Ashraful during desperate times, just the way he turns to Shane Watson. Problem: Ashraful is not an all-rounder. Not a twat, but not an all-rounder either.

Sixth, Ricky gives Shakib's post match interview:
"We are getting runs consistently, that's a plus for us. When we got early wickets, we thought we had a chance, but they got a good partnership, all credit to them." 

Seventh, Ricky goes home with Shakib. Tomorrow they have to play Sri Lanka and Ricky must do it all over again.


Anon said...

Shastri's expression when a beaming Shakib said we'll bat was priceless.

I don't understand why Princess Zaheer thinks he can intimidate T.I. in his own backyard.

Purna said...

T.I. was AHMAZING. As was Kayes. But bloody bowling cost us again.

And Shakib losing it a little bit. But he is about to lose it a lot more...he is up for the IPL.

Save him Anon!