"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bowling changes?

Friedel de Wet is injured, so Parney has been called up. AGAIN. Why? I mean, I am thrilled for you kiddo but this is five days cricket. And a very, very important one. Not exactly the best time to see whether Parney has it in him.

But if Friedel absolutely needs to be replaced, Parnie might be the only way to go. Or Tsotsobe. At this point, there is no difference between the two when it comes to Test cricket.

Imran Tahir has also been called up. He is a leggie. Not a Saffa one, a Pakistani one. I have never seen him play but he has got to be better than a Saffa 'spinner' right? More attacking for sure.

But Harro gets wickets. And it is a bit panicky to drop a wicket-taking bowler for an untried one when it's a question of only one wicket, isn't it? At least that's what I think.

Then again, I also thought this was JP's year. So maybe, my thoughts mean shit all.

I think.


Thiru Cumaran said...

If Parnell had taken about 10 ODIs to get himself in and then started taking wickets, then I would've agreed with you.

However, this guy is a genuine wicket-taking bowler. I mean, how many 20 year olds do you see having a strike rate of 21 after 9 ODIs?

It might be worth the punt, considering there's no-one else in the horizon who is significantly more experienced than Parnell.

As for Tahir, he's been one of the top-finds for Hants ever since Warnie left them for the riches of the IPL. He took 10 wickets @ 20.1 in the 50over competition and took 52 wickets @ 32.9 in the 4day competition, which are great numbers for a spinner in England.

In the current South African domestic competition, he's playing his 7 match and has taken 42 wickets @21.4 and with a SR of 35.

Have I convinced you enough, at least abt Tahir?

I can guarantee you one thing abt

Purna said...

Well, if Friedel is injured which looks like it, then Parnell is the only way to go. I agree. He impresses me to, but test cricket IS a whole different scenario you know.

I know about Tahir's impressive wicket-taking abilities. But the thing is, SA management tends to panic. It puts pressure on the bowler who has just come in. So I more worried about the circumstances that he will be thrown in, if he replaces Harris, rather than his actual talent.

Anonymous said...

England is simply too good for SA no matter who the Proteas field. Strauss is the superior captain and that is all that counts. You need a skipper with the nous to force wins. Strauss has done it, Smith can't find the recipe.

Purna said...

Maybe. But I am a biased little fan, so that is a little hard for me to admit. HEHE.

Well, the Buffalo has improved. And we have no one to replace him. PAH!

Anonymous said...

De Wet isn't really injured; he's just had enough of Barbie making fun of his 80s hair.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

So my Parnell campaign has finally come to fruition and I can move on and concentrate my efforts on CJ now.

Purna said...

Barbie is just making fun of de Wet because people are not paying him enough attention. Even though he is trying very hard.
That hair needs to be revamped though. Maybe a mohawk...

Wes, CJ instead of who?? MORNE??!! NO!

Ankit said...

what has Wayne Parnell done wrong?

Purna said...

Umm, nothing?

Ankit said...

then why the furore, purna? Why, I ask...


Purna said...

What furore? I don't mind Parnie being there, if Friedel ABSOLUTELY has to be replaced. But if he isn't, I would they rather stick to Friedel rather than go through the trial.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Obviously Imran has been withdrawn from the squad, officially because his papers haven't arrived in time, but I am telling you, this is no coincidence, Knobby has his erratic little fingers in the pie here.

Purna don't worry, I would never want Morne to be axed for CJ, but obviously there is always a demand for a totally useless guy in the team, so why not give him a chance (yes he would open the batting, but no risk no fun). Also, guys that come fresh into the team tend to take a good handful of wickets in their first match, there has been enough proof for that in the last half year for instance in the Aussie sides, but also elsewhere.

But well, it looks massively shite for Friedel anyway so yeah we will see "John" Wayne Parnell ride in on his old shaggy buffalo and take a dozen dirty wickets :D

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Anonymous ... if England were too good for the Saffas, wouldn't they have decisively won the match rather than just having a couple of bowlers hold their breath for a couple of very lucky overs?

I'd hazard a guess that you didn't even follow the match.

Sorry, I shouldn't get drawn in by morons like that but I just can't help myself. The English do that to me.

Purna said...

Man, that sucks about Imran Tahir. As much as I like Harro, if he had been able to win it for the Saffers, it would have been awesome.

Sid, I am zipping my mouth shut. Till the last test is played ;).