"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bangladesh continue their losing streak

You know how this is going to go. Bangladesh win/lose the toss. They bat. They start off brilliantly, then collapse.

The opposition team starts off brilliantly as well, but they don't collapse.

Bangladesh bowls 7-8 bowlers. Nothing changes. Sometimes one may get a wicket, but that's about it. The bowling massacre continues.

Supporters get frustrated with the team. Jamie Siddons asks them to have patience as the team is still growing. Fair point, but are they aiming to be Yao Ming? Because that's kind of steep.

Teams cancel their tours saying players need to rest. Or they send Alastair Cook as captain to try and convince the world that he can do it.

He succeeds. England cries.

The team morale is down so BCB calls Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe takes the next plane to Bangladesh. Then they convince some other teams to come. They duly arrive because some big series is coming up. And it's time they overtake their previous best performance.

The cycle repeats itself.

You don't have to win, just put up a better performance. Batting collapses are our forte, but can we maybe keep this one wrapped in a box and buried six-feet under for ONE match?

All I am asking is for them to fire as a unit. In both departments. Surely they only need to grow to be Allen Iverson for that to happen?


Thiru Cumaran said...

I've been following Bangladesh since they got Test Status (I've a special place in my heart for them due to having studied with a number of Bangladeshis in school) and the batting problem seems to be largely because all the batsmen always seem to be super-young...

I mean, as soon as they get a bit old, they seem to be chucked out for some reason or the other, thereby depriving them of the chance to gain valuable experience...

As for the bowling, I just get the feeling that they're being very inflexible, sticking to the spinners despite the fact that it's such a bad idea at the SBNS. They should go for 4 specialist quickies rather..

Purna said...

We don't have four quickies dude, that is the problem. Our best ones have either been dropped or are injured. If we had Mortaza, Talha Jubair, Rubel Hossain and Nazmul Hossain all at the top of their form and in the same squad, then we would have at least a decent bowling attack.

But I do agree about dropping the batsmen too early. That's where Siddons has been able to more or less stabalize the line up. Although I do wish he had given Alok Kapali a chance.

Cricket Tragic said...

Actually, the reason why Kapali isn't being picked is because he was part of the ICL...for some stupid reason, Siddons wants to show that he can manage without the ICL players...if he had more sense, Shariar Nafees would've been opening instead of Kayes (who has just started to take his opportunities)

Purna said...

Siddons was reluctant to mess with the 'winning' line up, which is a fair point I think. These people worked hard to be there and stepped up after our key players left for the ICL. I am glad they are back, but they WILL have to earn their spot back in the team you know. A concept that is significantly missing from Bangladesh cricket. So I support that. But Kapali is..well he is Kapali.