"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The year of JP

It's only just begun. I know he had a fantastic debut and all but this is his year. I can feel it, meaning you can look forward to lots of obsessed posts about JP. It is indeed the case of one bald man making way for another. As long as the original hairless, batting beast is out of the picture at least.

Superstar JP rocked the Champions League. Now Superstar JP is getting ready to thrash the Poms. On his way to glory and super stardom, JP has also knocked some Zimbabweans over. 111 is the magic number and not out is the status. This is what you call breaking the doors down on people's heads to announce your arrival. I like. I like a lot.

Just in case you have forgotten, JP is also a fantabolous fielder. Which doesn't surprise anybody as he was also born in Cape Town, like the preceding bald man. Legend has it that Cape Town boys dive into the doctors' hands in a fantastic manner during delivery. The legend was of course formed in my head, but you have to admit it is an interesting theory.

The most important part of JP's maiden century is the fact that it has made it possible for me to overlook AB's score of 5, Albie failing with the bat and then having fantastic bowling figures of 6-20-3 (I don't think he is an all-rounder anymore...) and that SA seems to have won comprehensively because a certain Dale wasn't in the team. Interesting. But I'll give Dale the benefit of the doubt... because I don't want spooky croc loving grand kids after me.

It has to be pointed out that my still-to-be-adopted son ROFL took three wickets and at the mere mention of a dating service Bouch scored 31...not out. I may have just solved his problem. But I won't take any of the credit. Bouch is paying me in cash.

I need to end with this: two days till they take on the Brits. I am going to sit by my clock and do a countdown.


Vim said...

It would give me vast amounts of joy to see him knock that media-lovin' gobster Swann all over SA.

Vast amounts. Is he good against spin?

Anonymous said...

Vim, I want to marry you.

And does it matter if he's good against spin? We're talking Swann, here ...

Gabrielle said...

LOL Vim...it would give any saffer supporter an incredible amount of joy! btw happy to see ROFL back an Albie bowling like he actually meant it

Mary Jane said...

I'm glad they brought back Roela, but the stupid selectors dropped Steyn instead!! Pah
Oh and Albie actually knows how to bowl!! wow

Vim said...

I'm not a SA supporter, but I am a JP supporter and a Gobby 'I should be a stand-up comic, me' Swann thorough disliker.

Purna said...

Vim, why didn't you tell me before that you are a Swann disliker? I would have showered you with flowers and chocolates. JP is okay against spin, better than the rest. Not better than Hersch, but definitely better than the rest.
But Swann is not a real spinner, so why are we worried?

Sid, I think it's time we make the Swann Bashing club official.

Gab, I just hope this is not a temporary state for Albie. But he couldn't do anything with the bat! I think the tag of all-rounder is getting to him.

MJ, I think they are just trying different line ups, giving everyone a chance. And are you blissfully ignoring AB's 5?

Mary Jane said...

I'm NOT! ..ok maybe I am! :(
But no worries, I love him for getting a 5 too..

Purna said...

I don't understand why AB hasn't proposed to you yet.

Mary Jane said...

even I dont know why hasnt done so, as of yet. strange lad