"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sledgefest: Joe Denly...for Sarah

Sarah Canterbury has informed me that Joe Denly coined his nickname 'No Pants' himself. Why? Possibly because he likes the image of himself in no pants. No, I am not making any jokes about that. I refuse to go there. It's too obvious anyway.

The reason these images are being fed to your brain is because Sarah assures me that I have to come up with something better to rile him. I accepted the challenge. So here we go, trial number two.

"Joe's batting average is now a brand name. It's called Forever 30"

" I hear the golden duck feels right at home with you Joe"

"How do you intidimate Joe Denly?"
"Just show him a football and his knees will start shaking automatically"

You like Sarah?


SarahCanterbury said...

All a bit academic now as he's been dropped and may well struggle to get back in. Am sulking massively, albeit I did see Trott as opener coming and if I was being objective, I might even think it made sense with Colly fit again. Don't tell anyone I said that, though... I know Joe has the ability to be a fab international player and just hope he gets another chance soon.

I think you were on the right track with your 3rd suggestion, although need to substitute the word "football" with the word "Shah". That would then work both on the training pitch and in the middle.

Purna said...

My Hersch has been dropped too..so I understand your feelings. Except Hersch is not 23!

Is there some running between the wickets 101 that Shah can take? He seems to have a talent for running people out.

SarahCanterbury said...

True but Hersh at least has an impressive international record behind him and I fret that Joe won't be given that opportunity. Don't get me started on why the hell mascaraman (I am NOT a fan) seems to be England's golden boy, destined for great things, and presumably will be picked ahead of Joe. I have no wish to get THAT cross this morning!

I don't think there can be a cricketer on the same team who doesn't get panicky at the sight of Shah at the other end. He and Bopara running together were something to be believed!

Purna said...

That bit puzzles me too! Mascaraman is horrible by all standards! I never followed him from the start so I've only read about his supposed 'greatness'. But the man's technique is not even correct! How is he the vice-captain??

Why isn't Colly the vice-captain?

SarahCanterbury said...

Can't answer that. Was utterly shocked when I read he was vice captain and being groomed for the captaincy one day. His woefully inept skippering the other day has been widely criticised and was an absolute embarrassment. I'm not very objective when it comes to him but I think there are better players in all forms. Maybe Andy Flower sees something in him - they were together at Essex, of course.

I've got a very lovely friend who thinks he's wonderful, so if Ham ever sees this, sorry hun!

Purna said...

Andy's got it wrong this time. He was high on poppies.

Haha. And I would like say Ham, Sarah truly has great insights about Mascaraman. No really!

SarahCanterbury said...

Haha, at the very least!

I forgot to mention, lovely Ham is a mega Biff fan, too!