"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Saturday, November 14, 2009


It really cracks me up. While some of the pictures are a total mismatch, this one is just too awesome to be passed over. According to many, the non-cricketing personality that Punter looks like is George W. Bush!

The same brows, the ears, the droopy eyes and the stupid look. Bush can't help it, his face looks like that. But Ricky I believe, is a clever man who puts on the dud expression to hide his cunning bastard self. But the resemblance is a brilliant discovery, along with the awesome caption:

Australia's 42nd captain and America's 43rd President. It's more than just formidably furrowed brows that link them, you know. The former leader of the free world and the current leader of the former most swaggering team in cricket. One was involved in a brawl in a pub, the other was involved in a spat in Asia. One speaks faster than a speeding train, the other's a train wreck when he speaks. Ever seen them in the same place at the same time? Thought not.(Submitted by: far too many people to name)

Submitted by far too many people to name! Gold, absolute gold. Being a Canadian, I am always on board to take a stab at the Paris Hilton of American politics-George W. Bush: President for no reason! But even as a Proteas supporter, I am appalled for Ricky Ponting. I am laughing hysterically, but I am also apalled. He might be a bad leader at times, but damn, nobody deserves to be compared to George Bush. That's like the ultimate insult!

I saved this picture as Ricky Bush and again guffawed at the thought of Ricky Bush, George's son and President of the United States of America one day. Punter with a Southern accent and Shane Watson as his Secretary of Defence. I wonder how long terrorists can be held back with full tosses...


Gabrielle said...

Oh dear...I have to feel for Punters..being compared to Bush is harsh :P
At least I hope he'll find a little spot for Binga in his entourage as new president of the US

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Punter was a US politician, Lee would get more of a look in ... but Purna, that is just too scary to be acceptable ...

Leela said...

Paris Hilton of American politics-George W. Bush

I may steal this line in future... just saying.

Purna said...

Gabi, Binga could be Secretary of Foreign Affairs since he is so popular in India!

Sid, you even have the perfect Vice-president in Michael Clarke. Don't you think he will make a wonderful Sarah Palin?

Leela, take it. Lines that make fun of Bush must be spread far and wide.

Nathan said...

Ah, so cruel to poor Punter! At least he has, you know, actual victories he can point to. And isn't regarded as a criminal against humanity outside of India!

Purna said...

Nate, Punter is considered to have committed crimes against humanity in India?? Why?