"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's raining tests

Sri Lanka vs India
New Zealand vs Pakistan
Australia vs West Indies

None of them are going to be rained off, at least it seems like that till now. And all of them will possibly reach the fifth day.

Sri Lanka vs India had an awful, batsman-dominated first day. But then somebody did some hocus pocus on the pitch...and SREESANTH of all people started picking up wickets. Regardless it's worth watching now. Specially if Sri Lanka can stage a fightback.

Pakistan vs New Zealand was always interesting. And now that Shane Bond has been reborn as a test bowler and Dan can actually breathe even when he is not getting wickets, it's getting better. Not to mention some brother act from the two Akmals. And a Kiwi win? I hope.

You would think Australia vs West Indies would be a one-sided affair, with batting records being broken left and right when the Aussies came to bat. But the West Indies bowlers are doing well...and as I write this Mussey is gone, after tricking us into believing that his test career has been successfully resuscitated. Plus that match has Kemar Roach, who is my new obsession.

So which one are you watching? Or are you one of those who have convinced yourself that test cricket is dead?

Me, I'm waiting for the Saffers to play their first match as the number one test team in the world. But while I wait, I am switching between channels and keeping an eye on Cricinfo to indulge in my favourite form of the game.

This is the part where I announce that it is officially Cricket season.


Rayden said...

I am watching India vs SL. Thats mainly because the other two tests are being played very early morning for me.

But did you see Sreesanth hugging Bhajji and putting his head on his chest? How can anyone watch anything else after that!!

Purna said...

I missed that! But they will be replaying it over the news again and again and again right?

Nathan said...

"You would think Australia vs West Indies would be a one-sided affair"

Truer than we guessed, alas

Purna said...

You sound disappointed Nathan!