"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mrs. Shakibs everywhere

Shakib-Al-Hasan is Bangladesh's most eligible bachelor. Since his discovery and his fantastic rise to fame, girls have been pleading and begging their parents to get them married to the boy.

"There are a good number of marriage offers. I've lost count of the number", Shakib told Crapinfo.

The guy is just 22, and if he had not been a cricketer he would probably have been spending his day checking out girls, writing love letters and possibly stalking them (it happens!). Now that he is famous, females all over the country are vying to be Mrs. Shakib-Al-Hasan.

And he hasn't even received an IPL contract yet. How many offers do you think will come when Modi the pimp prostitutes Shakib to one of the corporate whores? Probably over a million. And considering our population is 160 million and 50% of it should be female, that number has some suspect characters in it. Characters that I'm sure don't interest the eligible Shakib.

I wonder if I can lure him with my Canadian passport...


More Than Just A Game said...

Purna, I think it's high time you make up your mind- AB/MB/or SAH now? :-)

On another topic by the way- do you also follow international football? Other than SA, which other national team do you follow support? Where can we contact you at?

-Guys from MTJAG

Mary Jane said...

yes, Mrs Shakibs are everywhere. ..even in Canada! :)

Purna said...

Guys, I don't actually want to marry Shakib (or AB and MB for that matter :P). I'm just pointing out that the girls only want to marry him because he is famous but I have something better...a Canadian passport ;). Which means if he marries me he gets direct access to Canada. It happens in the sub-continent all the time. People marrying to go abroad.

Sujith, I like the SA football team but I support Spain. And Germany (at times). My email address is in my profile. I just realized I didn't have it there before!