"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Uh oh

Jakes is injured...this is not good. This is not good at all! He won't be playing a single ODI. Out of the last three times that Jakes didn't play, SA lost one game (damn you rain!) and barely won the other two. They might have even lost another one, I can't remember.

SA's batting line up unfortunately changes drastically without Jakes. Unless Hash has found his form again or Loots Bosman is called up to fill Jakes' opening spot, things are looking a little bit scary. I would have loved to say Hersch should be the one getting the call, but he won't. With good reason of course, but that doesn't mean I am going to stop sulking.

Not to mention the bowling. FUCK! With Jakes not around Biff will have to give a few overs to Albie, whose run giving shop I suspect, is still in business. Or SA will bring Botha back. Who also has been a bit shitty lately, but ANYTHING is better than Albie getting more than 2 overs. I'll even take Biff bowling. Actually I won't. Don't even think about it you Buffalo!

UGH! The man was perfectly fine carrying all those lipids around for 18 months but the minute he loses weight he picks up an injury! Yes, I am being grumpy. Because if England wins this, I will die. And since this is the third time I have used that sentence, it must be true!

Can Jakes just not get new ribs? Or did he finish every available ones in Saffaland during his 'how to expand horizontally' demonstrations?


Gabrielle said...

Damn, I'm so annoyed with this injury, Jakes is a fantastic player and I was looking forward to see he and Biff opening,there's enough to scare little Stuey and Co...pity! Let's hope Hashim finds his touch...btw don't make me think back to the time Biff used to bowl, my father still has nighmares about his offies :)

Anonymous said...

Oh..that was a nasty blow for SA..me too was hoping to see the duo of Kallis and Smith in action.

Purna said...

Guys, they are 4 down...and no Jakes to save their asses. Damn this!!!

Gabi, I have never seen Biff bowl.I would rather go blind.

Gabrielle said...

Lol Purn!When he used to bowl my father usually started swearing in Afrikaans, this just gives you an idea how crap he's as a bowler! Not pleased with our batting today,let's hope the bowling saves the day

Vim said...

No, no, even Albie is better than Biff.

The English team had their z attack out on the pitch.

I feel unwell.

Anonymous said...

Another loss what is it when Smith gets a girl he loses all grib on his cricket. Knocked out of champions trophy and now losing to England. Stay single mate!

Gabrielle said...

Great news Purn, Hersh is back, they called him to replace Kallis!!Go Scooter!!

Purna said...

Gabi, can you teach me some of those swearing in Afrikaans? I would like to write to Biff. Also, as happy as I am for Herch..I am scared that he is going to disappoint again...:(

Vim, I contemplated drugging myself to get through the game. WTF are the Saffers doing thinking England is just going to hand them the victory?

Anon, is that a proven theory? If it is I want to take it to the CSA...take hating to the next level!