"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Dravid got his century and Tendulkar is out. They have 464 runs on the board.

Now can India declare? Or are they waiting for Modi's orders?

In comes VVS Laxman.

*switches t.v. off*

Some time later...



Wake up! Dan has started batting again!

*dances around in joy*

Umar Gul better sleep with one eye open tonight...NZ is but a mere 18 hours away...


Aditya said...

Purna we need something like 650+ to make sure we don't bat again and I am sure the pitch would not help the bowlers before the 3rd day!

You've got to pity Dravid for the way he got out! :(

i have a sneaky feeling Dhoni will get a quick 50 in there as well

as per your request Morne is back! You are on a roll! ask them to get Botha back into the team and the ICC to approve his Dossra :)

Purna said...

Sigh. Why does the cricket world hate bowlers so much? Honestly, what is so great about batting? Everything is in their favour!
Dhoni better not get a 50! There, I am requesting that too...since I am on a roll.

I fear the ICC is on too much crack to make that happen though...

raj said...

Purna, we once declared at 500 odd. Sri Lanka went and batted 3 days for 952/6. So, you see, excuse us for not trusting them enough to declare before amassing 800 :-)

Purna said...

How about trusting your bowlers to pick up some wickets raj?

raj said...

No, not when we have Durbhajan Singh and Drama Queen as our main bowlers. You see, we dont have a Shakib, Purna.

Aditya said...

The Indians also know that the pitch generally offer no hope.Anyhow its good they collapsed big time and got all out for 642

and you surely are on a roll!

Now If you can please predict that Ojha ( He is also a left arm spinner like Shakib bhai-bhai concept ) takes 10 wickets in the match and India wins within 4 days!!!

and don't predict anything IF it is anything other than an Indian WIN! :D

Anonymous said...

Purna, I don't hate bowlers - I'm overly fond of one of them, in fact - the problem with Australian bowlers, though, is they have a tendency to all get injured at the same time!

Purna said...

Raj, even if you are being sarcastic, I sympathize that you don't have a Shakib.But you do have a Zaheer Khan, Ojha and Mishra.And sometimes Ishant..when he bothers to show up.

Adi,I enjoyed the collapse.Hopefully the test will be watchable now.And I just realized Dhoni didn't get that 50 after all! How nice to have magical powers.
I predict...no it's okay. I won't say it out loud :).

Sid, I don't think anyone hates bowlers other than the ICC.

raj said...

Purna, I wasnt being sarcastic. We drool over Shakib(strictly in a cricketing sense).
Zaheer, IShant all have 30+ averages and huge strike rates. Indian bowling is pretty limited - they get it right occasionally in one burst liek Santh did today.
But as long as Durbhajan singh continues to be in the team, I'll never trust Indian bowling to defend 900 runs

Purna said...

Thank you for that cricketing sense disclaimer. Although many do drool over Shakib in all other sense as well.
Durbhajan (I really like this name if it means what I think it means) apparently picked up wickets and hugged Sreesanth yesterday? What is going on with your bowlers Raj!

raj said...

Durbhajan was coined by a friend of mine. I think it means what you think it means - basically, it describes his character very well :-)

Well, for one, when I first commented, I was assuming ishant will be in the team. For another, lankans gifted many wickets yesterday, well as the horned one(santh) bowled. But you know I aint rejoicing - because 2 wickets for durbhajan means he will surely be on the plane to bangladesh. (Strangely those are the standards we expect - seniors only need to take 2 wickets while new bowlers must get a 5-er to be considered forr further matches)

Purna said...

Well, I was watching the replays and I must admit even if the other spinners are better, his experience did come through a lot of times. Like the P Jayawerdene wicket.
Do you want him dropped from the team?

raj said...

Yes, I do. Not only me. Check out BCC!, a lot of us do.
Reason being his cynical attempts at maintaining his economy rate and not actually trying to get wickets. In a crunch situation, I know he'll let us down - if you see his batting, he is often good when there is no pressure but the moment people expect something from him, he flops. You saw it in the recent ODI series. It is the same with his bowling - in the last m atch, he had thrown in the towel very early. We can definitely afford to lose a few matches now and groom the Chawlas, Mishras and Ojhas. These are guys who can serve for years with distinction.

One more point, he is pathetic overseas yet he is guaranteed a position in the overseas matches because we'll choose only one spinner for those, and he is the #1spinner for us. I say, why not try out a youngster and give him a run to see if he can scale up - we know what we can expect from the turbanned one, dont we?

Purna said...

Yes I agree. I don't like Harbhajan, never have because he is pathetic overseas and shaky during crunch times. That's not a good bolwer. But at home, his experience does count.Although, it doesn't make sense to play him here and not take him overseas. If that happened it would be really funny. But I guess you will just have to wait for his retirement..?