"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Saturday, November 7, 2009


So, your favourite players get dropped from the team based on nothing.

You swear.
You kick things.
You secretly plan to kidnap the selectors and wring their necks till they put your favourite players back in the team.

Then that fails because you know, travelling by plane with murder in your heart is kind of tricky after 9/11.

So you settle for throwing darts at the selectors' pictures till your anger has been managed.
You force yourself to think about other things like some long-ass ODI series which Modians are trying very hard to make interesting by losing from winning positions, to make up for Lalit's losses in the Champions League.

Then you see this headline:

That is the Morkel who is still single, is loved by Allan Donald and does not mind giving up his test place for his brother. Morne, along with my Herschelle, recently won a game for the Titans. Did I say win? I meant ravaged the opposition so badly that they need therapy.

They are not in the national team.


Thankfully, travelling by plane with murder in your heart is slightly easier in Obama's time. Or so I've heard.


Mary Jane said...

Hashim is making life more miserable for Gibbsy. If Hash keeps batting SO WELL in the top of the order, How will the selectors drop him and give Gibbs the opening spot?? now all you can do is pray that Hash loses his form at the earliest! really!

Purna said...

But I like Hash and I want him to make loads of runs. BUT, the problem is, if he is opening, whose going to bat at number 3? He is supposed to be the next Kallis!