"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Thursday, November 12, 2009


The Poms are in dire straits as every new batsmen falls victim to Saffa bowlers. But one man, who was there from the beginning stands around, not giving up his wicket yet but struggling to even make contact with the ball. What you don't know is that this man is England's super hero Vice-captain. His inner super hero just needs to be called upon to a Phil Collins song. So the five ring bearers Andy, Colly, Jimmy, Swanny and Broady come together to call Mascaraman to save them. They form a circle and unleash the powers of their rings...

Andy: Ash!
Jimmy: Swing!
Swanny: Chin!
Colly: Butt!
Broady: Pixie!


Mascaraman: With your powers combined, I am Mascaraman!

[Sing Along]

Mascaraman, he is our hero
Gonna take England down to zero
He's our losses magnified
And he's fighting for the other side

Mascaraman, he is our hero
Gonna take England down to zero
Gonna help him take us under
We relied on him, oh, what a blunder!

Guest appearance by Biffy: "You need more makeup, Mascaraman!"

We suck at fielding,
You can suck too!
'Cause dropping catches is the thing to do,
Winning cricket matches, is not the way,
Hear what Mascaraman has to say:



Gabrielle said...

priceless Purn! just hope our boys won't be annoyed by his long lusty lashes

Anonymous said...

haha, makes me want to watch captain planet again. But I rather prefer Mascaraman now.

Nathan said...

Ahahaha what the hell =D

That's so very very wrong haha

Purna said...

Gab, nah. They have Bouch to give him competition.

KK, sing it for your grandkids.

Nathan, hi. Wrong is my specialty :).