"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Following in his musical Guru, Brett Lee's footsteps, AB has used his back injury to finish recording his album.


He hopes we find the CD very "interesting and good".

AB, we find your batting very interesting and good.We also find your looks 'good'. But your singing...not so much.

Your singing we find...how shall I put it? So torturous that we would rather engage in a conversation with Tony Greig, voluntarily stand in the way of Binga's 160km/h balls and pay to watch Tim Bresnan play T20. And I am being very kind here.

Where can we find AB a girl friend so he spends his spare time outside the studio?


Mary Jane said...

Oh AB, why do u sing and make a complete fool outta urself?? dumbhead

Anonymous said...

I'm all for his singing career. In one of the newspaper cuttings on his website he says he listens to "show them who you are" to inspire himself to bat better (it's in Afrikaans).

He obviously realizes he'll have to keep batting if he wants to afford all that hair gel.

die Fraulein

Anonymous said...

he has a gf though..shes very annoying :-p

Purna said...

MJ, you are not performing your wifely duties well! Why didn't you stop him?

Frau, that was the purpose of the song then. To inspire just him, no one else! I think I read somewhere that he gets his hair cuts for free..it must come with a free hair gel no?

Anon, that's interesting. Why has nobody heard though? Is it hush hush? Let's bring it out on this blog, break some hearts. You got some pictures?

Mary Jane said...

Noooooooooooooooo!!!!! what are you saying Anon number 2??? Purna!!!! AB betrayed me! *WOE* :((

Purna said...

Tsk tsk. I told you not to trust him so much.

Mary Jane said...

But.. oh forget it!
*sigh* no use crying here, I need to find a way to get rid of this new girl ASAP!

annoymous said...

MJ, dont cry, it was in you magazine, AB said she is only a friend and they talked cricket all night, it was at the english welcome party, graeme aslo had his girlfriend there putting on a show of affeciton for the you cameras, to show Minks he does not want her back, that is what it said in mag anyway, cuase he is normally ultra private and does not engage in public shows of affection, he is so silly the games he plays with Minks, anyway dont give up on AB just yet.

Milly said...

I think Biffy is enjoying have two girls fighting over him, why are boys so stupid. It would be funny if both ladies left him there, his ego would not be able to handle it, but it would serve him right.

Purna said...

Haha. He met some girl at a party I guess. Don't worry MJ. Your love will conquer all.

annoy, what is all this Minki business everyone keeps telling me about? I have no clue what the love saga is about. Except that Minki is divorced...or on her way.

Milly,are they really fighting publicly?

Anonymous said...

Purna, It is true Biffy appears to have both womem fighting for his affections, I find this so funny but love can be blind, it has been a long running saga in the SA tabloids, first Biffy was meant to be sending sms to Minki, he did not comment on this and then hubby said Biffy and money reason for split which Minki refused to comment on, this lead many tabloids to think Minki wanted Biffy back and he would dump Brigitte and they would be reunited, think of the sceleb interviews, but the saga continues,Brigitte not wanting to let go of Biffy, flew all the way from Cape town to Jozi, and made a point of showing she was 'secure' with him by stealing kisses and holding hands, but to be fair the only pic is of Brigitte with her arm round biffys arm, in a his mine bitch, kind of way. so everybody in SA is now waiting for the next installement. I am just in amazement that two ladies would fight over Biff, maybe broady, the ladies fight over him, but Biff, no chance.

Milly said...

purna, BTW it is Milly who posted that, I am so dumb, I posted it under anonymous, also just want to say love your blog, and your saffa love, if need any gossip update just ask, I will be your Saffa gossip fairy

Purna said...

Thanks for the update Milly! It all sounds terribly Hollywood. But yeah, if you have funny news/pictures on the Saffers just send me an email or something. I don't live in South Africa, so I only know what's on the web. And thanks for enjoying my blog, Saffa gossip fairy!