"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, November 2, 2009


Singh is carrying twins in his womb, Punter is getting direct hits.
Singh doesn't have a wife, Punter is a father.
Yuvraj Singh is 27, Ricky Ponting is 34.

Fitness is a lost concept on some. I am hoping 'some' does not include the entire next generation of cricketers.


Aditya said...

Yuvraj is really stupid he said to ponting that he was slow after ponting was runout and that sparked the Australians for an awesome fielding performance and ricky fielding like he was 20 again!

Yuvraj deserved being run out by ricky by saying such a thing!

really disappointed with the batting effort today! :(

Purna said...

I only got to watch after Harbajan was out. The tailenders tried, what more can you expect from them? but I'm glad this 7 match series is at least a close fight.

Yuvraj needs to get off his high horses and lose some weight. I wonder what he eats.

straight point said...

purna have you seen thilina kandamby... or even david boon from oz...?

until unless it starts hurting the way you perform or move in field i don't have problem with it... :)

Purna said...

SP, I have and they need to lose weight too. Well not Boon obviously but Kandamby because he rocks!

And it has interefered with his fielding. Yuvraj used to be one of quickest fielder in India right? He can't move anymore :P.

Leela said...


Though I would like my cricketers all slim and svelte, I agree with SP that unless their weight affects their performances, it should not matter.

As to Yuvi, the reason his fielding has regressed is due to his knee injury. Nothing to do with his weight.

Purna said...

Leela, I feel fitness is a major part of sports. Eventually it does effect their performances. They should know that.

Knee injury or not, he can't run anymore :P. Watching him chase a ball is highly entertaining though.