"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, November 9, 2009

Just a thought

How do you feel about fast bowlers scoring half centuries? Mohammad Aamer is currently trying to save Pakistan from losing the series against New Zealand. Actually he might have already guided them towards victory. Pakistan needs 38 off 36 balls and the Kiwis need only one wicket. It's extremely stupid on New Zealand's part considering they had the Pakistanis nine down about 80 odd runs ago. But Aamer the fast bowler came out of nowhere and hit Dan for consecutive sixes. It makes my heart bleed, but this post is about fast bowlers. And I am the master of avoiding topics I don't like discussing.

Praveen Kumar of India is also a hard-hitting, game winning batsman. Or has been in the recent past. Makhaya Ntini played a heroic innings in the last test match again Oz in Ozland, that nearly won the game for South Africa. He didn't score a 50, but it was a decent knock. Mitchell Johnson almost got a century against the Saffers, Stuart Broad ... *cough, gag, cough*

Sorry, I nearly choked and died. But yes, the individual whose name I do not wish to utter did put in a decent knock to try and save the 4th Ashes test. Although, he used to be a batsman apparently. Anyway, I'm sure there are loads of other names that I am missing but that is a pretty impressive list of pacers who can bat.

It's tough being a fast bowler. Cricket is a game that favour batsmen most of the time. Plus, they don't last as longer, pick up more injuries and don't always get the recognition they deserve when a match is won. On top of that, they have to pick up the slack of their batsmen too? I mean it's great that fast bowlers these days can bat, but really, do they need the pressure? Why can't the batsmen do their job properly? Do you see batsmen bowling fast and short when the bowlers are down? No. Because they can't. When bowlers play like crap, the team usually loses and they become liable.

Oh yay! New Zealand just won. But Mohammad Aamer remains unbeaten at 73. Way to go kid. Just don't be surprised if all your batsmen go to sleep from now on.


Vim said...

Mitch did score a ton against South Africa. And nearly scored another. Back in the 3 month period when he could play.

He's aged terribly in the last 6 months, but still cranks out some of the old skill on occasion. Just for old times' sake.

Purna said...

Oh he did. My stupid network didn't cover that game so I only remember bits and pieces I read.

LOL. He needs to learn how to deal with pressure. He has fallen apart twice now. How very unAustralian.

Vim said...

He hasn't fallen apart.

It's just that he's playing the way he usually has in his international career. He had the new ball taken off him in the tour of the West Indies in 2008, the Ashes was his second time of saying, 'nuht, donwanit. Can'tbowlwidit.'

He had the most spectacular and short of purple patches, that's all.

The tease.

But what you are getting now is the real Mitch. He's very unAustralian and he won't be learning to deal with pressure any time soon as he hasn't already, so I reckon within 6 months to a year he may even get dropped from one, if not both of the formats.

It sure worked with Brett Lee.

Purna said...

I can see him getting dropped from the One Day team but not the Test team yet. I doubt they are going go let Binga play test again. Then you only have Hilfy and Siddle. Unless I am missing anybody.

So Vim, tell me, what do Australian cricketers eat when they are growing up and how are they always ready for international cricket?

Vim said...


They appear to be ready for international cricket through sheer bloody-mindedness. Or perhaps being told that the Sheffield Shield is the toughest domestic comp in the world makes them think international cricket is a step-down? I really have no idea.