"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Australia is a mystery

Actually India is crap, but what the hell? Let's give the broken china dolls some credit eh? Just for a few minutes.

I won't go over the earth-shattering list of injury again. I'm sure most have it memorized by now. But let me point out that some of those names were involved in an obscure series this year which didn't really go Australia's way. If it's not buried under the pile of cricket matches that you have been tuning in on since then, you'll know which one I'm talking about.

After that series, they went on to thrash the Poms 6-1, won the Champions trophy and the Champions Leage. Then they came to India and those involved in the aforementioned wins started crowding up the nurse's office like students do during exam week. For the first time in eons, Australia became the underdogs.

In came the replacements. Some questionable, some unknown and some with hair colour that make all the bulls of Spain charge towards him in fury. Australia won.

I feel like saying Australia wants to be unpredictable, 'giant' killers like Bangladesh, but I don't want to be full of myself. I will say this though. There were a lot of polls going on before the series and I voted for 5-2 to Australia.

I'm just saying.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Love the comment about McDonald - thank god he didn't play! He might get a go next time, though. I think Punter would be wise to rest some of his key men in preparation for the West Indies.

I am not sure how we managed to win. It was very close at times. Today, I think Dhoni made the wrong decision in opting to bat first. I wanted Ponting to bat first if he won the toss, so what do I know? Sometimes you read it wrong. That's the game.

In the last match, it was all Tendulkar. If any of his team mates had bothered to show up that day, Australia would have lost and the series would be even right now.

Our batting has been ok, we're only really missing Clarke (Little Timmy isn't ready to be called a loss yet); it's the bowling that has been hit by injury. Lots of credit to the new boys who came over and, against the odds, helped us to win.

God damn, I'm relieved. And Surprised. I really thought India would win the series and I would be writing posts about how proud I am that we didn't just roll over and die.

Vim said...

I don't think we are missing Clarke. We wouldn't have got near 350 in the 5th ODI if he had been in the middle playing safe and unable to get the ball off the square for overs at a time and we needed every fecking one of those runs.

But I don't know how we managed to win the series either. I expected 5-2 to India.

Anyway, THEY MUST SEND MJ HOME NOW. He's had his good match for the series, send him home on a relative high as he'll turn into the monster again we all know and want to kick next game.

CM, talking about that series v SA in SA and OZ, the bowling attacks were in the same state they are now. It was MJ, Hauritz and any other dogsbody that could walk. Even Brett Geeves got a game.

Purna said...

Sid, haha. I am also surprised. Good on them. But honestly, the Indians got excited by all the injuries. Shame on them for not winning this.

I agree with Vim though. Don't know if Clarke would have been able to score as fast. But your batsmen were never really a problem in this match, it was the bowlers! God damn they were shit!

Vim, Mitchy really needs to go home and meet his mommy. But he was much better in the SA series in both SA and Oz. Plus Hilfy and Siddle didn't do that badly in the Ashes. But yeah, your bowling line up needs to become more consistent.