"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It's actual stand-up comedy. Sugar Sammy is a Canadian stand up comic with an Indian background. He is nowhere near Russell Peters but he's got some pretty good stuff. He did a small bit on cricket. Have a watch, it's pretty funny.

Yes, I am tired of writing about India's shenanigans and Australia's injuries. And Bangladesh have already won the series. I am just counting down to November 13th...and watching comedians along the way.

Which got me thinking, which cricketer would make the best stand-up comedian? If anyone mentions Graeme Swann I'll make Vesuvius erupt and destroy the world. Sugar Sammy may not set the standards of cricket comedy, but cricket combined with toilet humour is something that wouldn't even make a five year old laugh. And they laugh at everything. I know from experience.


More Than Just A Game said...

I'd have loved to Say Ajit Agarkar, but that beast can undress a fully grown man just by staring at him for 5 seconds.

Ajit Agarkar does not entertain. Ajit Agarkar just breeds.

On a serious note about the funny guy, here are 10 in no particular order:

1.Sangakkarra - actually an intelligent dude with good jokes, but might not be slapstic enough

2.Ashley Giles - I remember a couple of interviews with him. he was kinda sorta funny.

3. Nikita Miller : Just the name evokes violent laughter .

4. Harbhajan Singh: He, on his own, is a joke. Sreesanth can come in for a guest appearance.

5. Nel. Though he breathes fire and shits like a volcano, something tells me he might actually be a funny funny man on stage.


Purna said...

I got a disturbing image of the beast undressing Yuvraj Singh. Why would you do that to me Sujith?

1. Sanga's gone mental these days I hear. So he might be slapstic enough.

2. Kinda, sorta funny...nah. Not good enough.

3. Agreed!

4. We should give him a world tour. Let's plan it!

5. He is a certified accountant though...

I thought you said are 10?