"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Twittering Saffers

It's an epidemic. I am in vehement denial of Twitter. Mainly because my thoughts are too blasphemous to be shared most of the time, but also because I really don't want to know what the whole world is doing. School drills enough nonsense in my brain already, I don't need anymore!

Anyway, so Smithy and AB have joined Twitter. Not only that, people have messaged Biff to tell him how much they love him. I think that message is a spam. WHO LOVES GRAEME SMITH? You are in the wrong path my friend. Show me your face and I will guide you to sanity. Also, he is possibly the most BORING person on earth. Although I am making that judgement call based on his seven tweets. Whatever. Negative things were meant to be associated with Graeme.

Biff now also has a website. It is highly unimpressive. His number displayed on the home page looks like it should have been on the S.F 49ers website (it's a 'football' team in America i.e. not worth your time). There are a few pictures, mostly from the Australian tour, with the notable exception of a picture of Biffy's broken hand. I'm glad people are over that. Of course his shit captaincy since then has helped.
What else? Some uninteresting details about his favourites and videos that can already be found on Youtube. Interestingly, Biffy's favourite gadget is a Blackberry. How does his sausage fingers type on that thing? More importantly, what does a typing buffalo look like?

I am a little doubtful about AB's twitter page though, because it does not have his customary 'Stay Sharp'. But I am hoping this means AB has stopped popping happy pills and has settled for being a human with normal emotions. As much as I love him, as an eternal hater, his positivism fucks my brains up to the point of no return.

I think they are trying to be English with this twitter thing. After all, so many of the Poms are secretly still Saffers at heart, they might as well reciprocate a little bit right? So maybe I will make my peace with this, as long as there are no tweet-offs and no mention of Biffy wetting his pants.

Oh good lord! Time to go purge my lunch!


Mary Jane said...

Twitter is very strange. I dont understand a thing in that site!
Biff's new site is really horrible. When I saw the "Videos" section I thought it would have some behind the scene vids like AB, but NO! Only random videos that I've already seen. Boooo Buffalo!

Purna said...

He doesn't even have any extracurricular activities to make it interesting. What a waste of online space!