"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Friday, November 27, 2009

Missing Links

Wayne Parnell and Morne Morkel. I am ecstatic with their performance. Yes, the batting was excellent as well, but we'll get to the batting later. Because, remember how England started? Dale was concentrating very hard on keeping his disgusting form and Parnie was rusty. Then Morne replaced the chipmunk to show them how it's done, Parnie got a wicket and there was no turning back. Bringing Morne back in the team is the best fucking decision Mickey has made since September. Even Dale realized it, because after consistently throwing bricks he went to the dressing room to sulk, where Albie the other shithead gave him a back massage. At least the two out-of-form morons are united in their shittiness.

Regarding the batting, it's about fucking time the middle order added to the good work the Saffa openers have been doing lately. Speaking of Saffa openers, Hashim Amla continues to surprise me. A lot is being said about other players but no one has mentioned that the man who is known more for his patience than his aggressive style, has done very well to make full use of the first 15 overs. He did take Hersch's spot, but in case you missed the part where the cameras zoomed in and the commentators doted on him shamelessly, Hersch is a happy man. As long as Hersch is happy, I am happy. But it helps that Hash is doing such a fantastic job.

AB de Villiers must be thanked profusely for finally getting a big score when the team needed him to. See, it helps when you are telepathically sending negative thoughts to someone. He wanted to shut the voices up (mostly mine), so he freaking assaulted the bowlers to his heart's content. His batting was so good, I feel like buying his CD. Oh, did I just say that out loud? Okay...but I'm a little busy today. So, maybe I'll just watch the replay on repeat for now.

I found this win extra special because my 'favourite' English bowlers Broad and Swann are back and according to Strauss "did well". Apparently, well in his world is 19 overs, 120 runs and 4 wickets. What an overachiever that Strauss is!

I hope that Graeme Swann continues to be wicketless. That is the lovely thought I am leaving you all with for today.


Vim said...

But Strauss got a funny look on his face when he said how well Broad bowled. In other words, he was doing PR to keep his golden boy and hence the ECB marketing people happy. And he let it show.

He's a prossie at heart, only not very good at faking it.

ABDV was divine today. Looked every inch the bloke I remember from the Perth test. I feel the pain has lessened watching him munch the English bowlers.

What was lovely was listening to the English commentators being so sure the English team had a good chance of running the total down.

As they run down big totals so very often. God, the hubris of them.

Mary Jane said...

My man ROCKED yesterday!! 121 + AB = Heaven on Earth LITERALLY! :D
Was nice to see Morne getting 3 wickets too!

Purna said...

Vim, I am glad your pain as lessened a little bit. To be honest, I also thought that with KP, Strauss, Wright, Morgan and Colly they would at least come close! But even Strauss didn't think they could chase it down. As he let slip in the post-match presentation.

You gotta say, this one is more fun to watch than the Aus vs WI one. Mostly because WI disappointed BIG time!

Purna said...

MJ, tell your man to keep it up..or else! Hehe. Yeah he was AMAZING! And Morne got a gameeeee...wooohoooo! Stupid Steyn!

Vim said...

I feel so blase about the win against the Windies apart from being impressed with the energy levels of their new bowlers and Barath.

The rest of them were so 'meh' it is impossible to genuinely care.

Hence, that picture of Punter in your other article. In his career, he has played against some mighty teams and some mighty players. Beating this lot can hardly count as proper test cricket.

I really hope they turn up in Perth. And that Gayle stops hogging the referrals to use against inswingers that are hitting hjim on the back leg. Doh!

Sounds like you got sucked in by the English PR, I nearly have a couple of times as well.

Purna said...

Hehe. Seriously, after the first English win I am a bit scared for the Saffers. I hope that is about to change tomorrow.

I too was impressed by the Windies bowlers...I love Kemar Roach, always have. Although my love for him did start during the WI vs Bangladesh tests where he was thrashed! I was really sad when they broke down. And don't even get me started on Gayle! He's started the test cricket is dead talk again! Just because he doesn't care to perform unless its an ODI or T20. Fucker!

Vim said...

Now I am starting to believe the English PR!

It's all about Biffy. The Saffer batsmen seem to freak out when he gets out early.

That is not good.

Purna said...

Vim, you will find my rant in my post. I don't want to talk about it..because I don't know what to say!