"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Younis quits

Please let this be the last time! At least this time he quit for the right reasons and not because someone stole his pacifier. He says he lost command over the team and there's no point in being a leader when your men won't listen to you.

Agreed. Good call. But the stress has apparently also hurt his batting. Blaming his team-mates for his atrocious performance is not very smart. It shows weak mentality more than anything else. But the interview gets better. Younis felt that Pakistani players played stupid shots at times to deliberately undermine his authority. What the fuck! They hate their captain so much that they are willing to lose the game? Isn't that a whole new level of malice? I knew Pakistani cricket was crazy but damn this beats Gossip Girl!

It could also be a case of Younis deciding that if he goes down, he will take the others with him. Which is just sad because I actually thought Younis was the good guy being bullied by the whole world. Or he is really trying to make it to prime time television. A reality show on an ex-captain and his haunting memories of the team showing him the finger as he goes out to bat. Now, that's never been done before.

Either way, Younis' cricket career might just be over. Don't know if new captain Mohammad Yunus is one of the players that hate him, but I suspect Younis as just a batsman in the team will be getting wedgies and wet willies every day.

Will Pakistan EVER go back to just focusing on their cricket?


Reverse Swing said...

well it happens and i am pretty sure i had happened in there, those are the players with a good track record and 5000+ runs in all over the world against all kind of bowling, they can't simply be so crap all of them on a single day. there is something fishy.

But it is really unbelievable that someone can do this to their national team in an international game and series decider thats embaracing.

And if they did it they should be sent home ASAP such people no matter how great they are don't deseve to play for national pride.

Purna said...

Rev, I thought it was just Pak players' brashness. They are massively talented but at times fail miserably because they don't think. But if this is true, I agree. Cricket is huge in Pakistan and disrespecting the dreams of many just for one person is extremely stupid. Sportsmen are ambassadors for their countries...but if this is what they are resorting to, it's just a disgrace.