"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Because I don't even know if this performance is post-worthy. Where do I start? The toss? The decision to bat first? The actual batting? Not even trying to at least put in a decent bowling performance?

I stopped watching after the 6th Saffa wicket fell. Particularly because I didn't want to break my t.v. at 5am in the morning. Also because I couldn't believe I had stayed up in anticipation to watch this.

The Saffers looked like no one had told them that they had a match today. They showed up to the batting crease somewhat dazed from the early morning start but faking confidence. Then as the wickets tumbled, they tried to pretend it was a bad dream that would pass if they hurried back to the pavilion and just got over with it.

I physically wanted to hurt JP Duminy. Not that I would, because I love him. But I wanted to so bad that I considered being dramatic and putting a hole through my wall. Did he actually play that shot? It was wayy to early in the morning and I was half asleep, so someone please tell me. If you are a psychologist I would also like to know what would drive someone to play that shot. He better be kicking himself. Actually I hope right now, the whole team is having a huge kick-fest. Because that's what they deserve. It was just so fucking embarrassing! Even Bangladesh has never embarrassed me like this. And that's saying something!

Tim Bresnan bowled 8 overs and gave 15 runs. Tim Bresnan! Even the Poms are not sure why he is in the team. And the whole time the Saffers looked dumbfounded with his bowling, as if no one had taught them how to face a bowler in their life!

Do I even want to mention Alviro Peterson's 50? No I don't. Because that would be pretending that he was a positive in this fucked up batting performance. There was not a single positive from this game, NONE. Because they were a fucking disgrace and deserve every bit of the humiliation they are feeling right now. I mean seriously...HOW? How did they even come up with this performance? I have no words.

Yeah, yeah, Jimmy was brilliant. Whatever. I never said he wasn't good.

The worst part is, I am still rooting for the Saffers to win the last ODI and at least draw the series. Fucking loyalty causing me stress!


Anonymous said...

South Africa will draw the series, don't worry. Don't you see the pattern? First England won, then South Africa, then England and now it's South Africa's turn again. =D

by the way, I love your blog!

Vim said...

Are the English team turning into a good team at last? Dear oh, dear, the English media's anti-Indian propaganda will now reach new heights as they will feel that they rule the cricketing universe and have the right to tell all the little people what's what.

I can understand the Aussies folding to the English bowlers, they have collapsed so regularly for the past 2 years or so, it is only a wonder when they don't.

But I thought the Saffers had more steel.

Gabrielle said...

Yes Purn,JP really played that shot, it wasn't a trick due to lack of sleep..I'm so pissed with today performance, but maybe Vim is right and the English are actually turning into a good team, it must be a side effect of global warming!

Purna said...

SM, I hope you are right. I am going to explode if the Poms win this. And thanks. I see you have two blogs of your own. Are you an Aussie fan or a Proteas fan? Or both?

Vim, no no nooooo! And doesn't the ICC already do that?
The Saffers seem to think modelling the former number one team is the way to go. Dumbasses!

Gabi, I like that global warming theory. All the more reason to fight it!

Anonymous said...

No, I hate the Aussies! That's my friend's blog. We share the same ID. Saffers all the way.

Purna said...

Awesome! I'll blogroll you.