"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Thursday, November 19, 2009

When Trotty met Steynkie

There was 'Hello Trotty' and 'How are you, Trotty?'. I saw one of our quick bowlers having lunch with him a couple of days before a game.
-Mickey Aurthur

"Put an end to matey relations! " says Mickey.

"Stop talking to the press Mickey" said I.

Then it was game time...thankfully.


Vim said...

He'll never stop talking to the press. He's worse than Swann.

Trying to get England to pick Harmison was the funniest though. The Aussies tried that one, but it didn't work.

Anonymous said...

On the BBC this morning they said Andy Flower was refusing to get involved in the mind games, but that Andrew Strauss was getting involved.

In mind games? Strauss? Cows would do a better job.

And buffaloes.

scorpicity said...

Awesome pics! Reminds me of my cat rolling over to my dog.

Purna said...

Vim, Swann and Mickey should have a media-talk off or something. I wonder who will win. Mickey's such a big mouth!

Sid, Strauss did? How? I don't see anything. But honestly I want to seal Mickey's mouth. At least the rest of the team isn't getting involved this time.
The buffalo had his mouth stapled, along with his stomach.

scorpi, you have a cat and a dog? you must have your hands full!

scorpicity said...

Hands full... You can say that again especially with the Dog. I keep scratching my head now whether I need kids now after this. The cat was an absolute gem right from the start. Dog is learning and is getting sweeter and cuter by the day but he still raids the fridge!

Purna said...

Do you leave the fridge door open or is your dog some sort of a clever freak and can open the door himself?!

scorpicity said...

Clever freak when it comes to food...a lab after all... He uses his nose and paws to open it. We have to keep the fridge locked at all times with a tiny key that often get's lost due to its size... In fact we had to upgrade our old long time serving fridge to one which had a lock...So much for freedom.