"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, November 30, 2009


As I have a busy day and can't post properly, I leave you with these videos to ponder on. The first one is meant for some inspiration for Dale and to remind him that his first test wicket came against England, off a fabulous yorker. The second one is top ten weird dismissals of cricket. Some of them are quite bizzare. Really!

In case you care, I have calmed down and gone back to loving the Proteas. I am still attempting to practice ABism, so I urge you Saffa fans to be positive and happy. And if it doesn't come naturally, use alcohol. It always helps.


Reisa said...

Where do I start...

-That Michael Clarke dismissal never gets old! haha!
-AB stealing the video spotlight.. getting replayed no less than a million times.
-Inzi... wow.. you would swear by Monty's celebrations he just bowled the ball of the century.
-Surely this is when Chris Read lost his test spot!!
-Sangakkara's deer in the headlights look... priceless! How cruel of Baz and Murali to steal his moment.
-Inzi... the repeat offender.
-Comedy won't be comedic without a Windies appearance. Photo finish run!
-Michael Clarke clearly did that on purpose!! Repeat offender.

Purna said...

I know, they replayed AB's stunt so many times! I swear he is the most loved cricketer in the whole world.

That Murali run out was my favourite. Very sneaky! And the Shiv run out.

Jawad said...

Wow, you guys are already thinking about the good ol times. It was just one game, I'm sure they will be back to win the 5th ODI. Whats surprising is that England is actually playing well. So far, its been a good series and i'm hopng these lonnnnng 4 test series is just as good.

Purna said...

Jawad, we like to panic. It keeps us on our toes.
Yes, I am also glad it's a good competition, except I don't like it when the Saffers lose...or draw for that matter.
The test should be good.