"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The old Indian team is back

Highest scorer: Sachin- 175
Second highest scorer: Raina- 59
Third highest scorer: Sehwag- 38

Everybody else just visited Sachin to remind him that he is India's saviour. A job he took pretty seriously, till he decided McKay should get a prized wicket on his debut. What was up with that shot? Did McKay seriously fool him with his slow ball? On a night where Sachin Tendulkar was nearly invincible, some new comer faked him and got his wicket. After which the Indians suddenly remembered their old ways ("Sachin is not on the field mommy, I don't want to play!") and collapsed beautifully. I can already hear the ladies knocking on McKay's door.

India might as well wear yellow at the next game. They seem to love playing for Australia. Although, I thought Ricky was actually giving India a hand when he gave the last over to Shane Watson. I got all excited for the full tosses, but he didn't crumble under pressure. I'm sad that Watto is actually living up to his potential these days. I am running out of players to laugh at. Wait, I still have the English. And Mitchell Johnson. I like him, I really do. But an opporunity to laugh at the bowling figures of Oz's future spearhead AND ICC Player of the Year, is not something I'm going to let pass.



achettup said...

I forgive you, because and ONLY because of that picture. Now I shall go back to sulking.

Vim said...

Ha, ha, Mitchie looks cute even as the water carrier. He may've been pleased not to be out there with the general mayhem.

I really felt for Sachin Tendulkar. Not for the others though.

Purna said...

Ach, you should sulk...at your team though :P.

Vim, cute is all he has these days.If only it helped with his bowling. I felt for Sachin too.

straight point said...

India might as well wear yellow at the next game. They seem to love playing for Australia.

you have just summed up the series for me... brilliant!

More Than Just A Game said...

I'm in depression mode. I've checked myself into therapy.

First Liverpool, and now this.

How much can a man endure?


Thiru Cumaran said...

The caption got me tumbling...HAHAHAHAAAAAA! poor mitch...gf probs, momma probs...:D

Poshin_david said...

Sachin is class.....but the demons of the 90's are back to haunt us....

And as for the pic., it is funny not seeing him in the playing 11 right?

Purna said...

SP, are you being sarcastic? :P

Sujith, I would ask you to wait for the Saffa vs Poms series before checking into therapy. The Poms are wonderful comedians.
Re Liverpool: you didn't think they would actually do any better did you?

CT, I knew about the momma probs, but what gf problems is he having? Has she left him because he is shit at bowling these days?

Chris, I was really shocked they dropped him. Specially with none of their starting XI bowlers around. But it worked out I guess.

Thiru Cumaran said...

purna, gf might be karate-chopping him in order to get him firing or else she wouldn't get to see countries! ;P

scorpicity said...

Hilarious pic :)

Anonymous said...

Apparently Mitch is pretty exhausted and may not play tomorrow either. I think they can manage without him, but why is he more exhausted than the others? I think his mum has been yelling at him again.

Purna said...

CT, looks like the karate chopping backfired!

Scorpi, everybody Indian loved it. LOL. And Sid. But that's only because Mitchy's been a bit rubbish lately.

Sid, bowling horribly can be quite exhausting. I think mommy hasn't called him yet. That's why he's been up crying and not sleeping.